A rant and two raves

My rant: For as long as I can remember now, the weather here in Aberdeenshire has been awful! There has been rain, mist, fog, low-lying cloud, storms and general misery. I’m usually not affected by the weather, I just continue to trudge along regardless. My husband gets affected by poor weather though, and to try to quell this, he’s bought a special lamp for Seasonal Affective Disorder for days with low light levels. I feel like this sad-ness due to miserable weather is starting to now affect me and my motivation. Perhaps you’ve noticed my blog has been quiet this last week? Not motivated at all to write. It’s been a struggle to get out to run as I’m now at run #6 in the rain. The last few runs have been more so in the mist, but I also need to be mindful about where I run when it’s wet, especially if I want to run two days in a row. My favourite farm track route is no doubt disgusting right now, and during today’s run, I completely avoided it because I’m running tomorrow night, and there wouldn’t be enough time for my shoes to dry in time for tomorrow night. Instead of doing loops, my runs at home are out and backs, so boring! I could buy another pair of running shoes, and that would ultimately be something to do in the long run, but right now, it’s not an option for me.

Feels a little claustrophobic

I also can’t help but let my mind wander during these low visibility runs, and today, I tried as hard as I could to not thing about zombies in the mist or perhaps a hound of the Baskervilles-esque creature running after me in the fog.


Ironically, I’ve got Jamie [Oliver]’s Summer Food Rave Up on right now, but I’m finding it very difficult to get into the summer way of thinking when it comes to food. We’ve planned on some heavier, winter foods for our meals this week because of this unseasonal weather.

ย My raves:

1. Words with Friends! This is what I’ve been doing with my time rather than blogging. Sorry. If you like Scrabble, you’ll love Words with Friends. I’ve downloaded the app to my phone, and I play it through Facebook as well. I’ve also been playing Scrabble quite a bit lately. What can I say, I like making words!


2. Blueberry Sourdough Muffins: Perhaps you’ve heard of Amish Friendship Cakes or Herman the German Friendship Cake. Both begin with a sourdough starter, given to you by a friend, (along with instructions). Over the course of ten days, you stir your starter, and sometimes add flour, sugar and milk to it in then divide your mixture into four portions to give away to friends, and ultimately to bake one delicious cake.

Hello Herman, I love you

I’ve baked this cake four times now, and have been taking care of a sourdough starter since pretty much April. Some people keep starters for years! Anyway, I’m tiring of taking care of these starters and running out of people to give the starters to (I would send them to readers if it was allowed by the Royal Mail, but alas it’s not), and we’re going on holiday next week, so I need to get rid of mine. I googled recipes for sourdough starters, and found one for Sourdough Blueberry muffins. The linked recipe is in American cups, but I’ve converted it into British baking quantities below. If you make the American recipe, use 1/2 cup of sugar instead of the listed 1/4 cup. You’ll also need a sourdough starter, and if you haven’t been fortunate enough to have received one from me, you can make your own starter using this recipe, (a very informative to the last detail type of recipe).

One thing you need to know about sourdough starter’s in general is that you need to care for it. I get one of two reactions when I ask people if they want a Herman the German starter: either they’re totally interested and love it, or they just can’t be bothered and don’t even like the cake. It’s not difficult, you just need to give it a few minutes of time each day.

Anyway, the converted recipe!
Sourdough Blueberry Muffins in UK measurements
For muffins:
8 oz sourdough starter
5 oz wholemeal flour
4 oz sugar
1 egg
3 fl. oz vegetable oil
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp vanilla
3 oz blueberries
demerara sugar
1 tbsp butter, melted
1. Preheat your oven to 200’C.
2. Combine all muffin ingredients into a large bowl. Place your muffin cups into your muffin tin. Spoon your batter into your muffin cups. You’ll have 6 to 8 muffins altogether.
3. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of demerara sugaron top of each muffin, then pour a bit of melted butter over each muffin.
3. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes.ย 

Quick, easy and delicious
ย I’ve already had one muffin, and they’re so good! I also really like how they’re made with wholemeal flour instead. Can’t wait to enjoy one with my morning coffee!
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and that the weather in your corner of the world is clear, hot and dry enough (but not a drought!). Did I mention I’m on holiday for three weeks now? I promise the regular blogging will return, I’ve got no excuses!
I’ll leave you with a Danielle’s Caledonian Experience type of sight: my neighbour Anna walking her two horses, Sweetpea (left) and Todd through our farm yard.


2 thoughts on “A rant and two raves

  1. The weather seriously bums me out – and unfortunately doesn't look set to improve before the weekend. And thanks for that photo of the killer dog thing – I'm going to feel super relaxed during my run today! ๐Ÿ˜›

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