Wordless Wedding Week: the clothes

Dressing for a wedding is a pretty big deal for women, but in Scotland, it’s as big a deal if not more so for men and their Highland dress. They have to choose:
– the tartan for their kilt (red? hunting? muted? ancient? for each clan’s tartan, and then some)
– the style of jacket (Prince Charlie? Tweed?)
– the colour of the jacket (green? blue? black? charcoal?)
– the colour of your socks (cream? green? grey? black?)
– your dress shirt (Prince Charlie? Jacobite? white? blue? cream?)
– sporran? (the pouch that hangs at the waist) or belt?
– or abandon the kilt and wear tartan trousers instead?

All the men in my husband’s family own their own kilts (which are custom made to your measurements), as well as their own jackets, in varying colours and styles. My father-in-law has a few different jackets to go with his Red Robertson kilt, and his brother seems to have everything one could possibly buy for their Highland dress. This is one of my favourite things about having a Scottish husband and going to Scottish weddings: it’s the real deal and it’s awesome!

But first, my dress:

Waves of chiffon

I love this photo
The bridesmaids dresses were a steal at £20 each (on sale)!

Uncle Fergus in his 9 foot long plaid, a precursor to the kilt

That is all one piece of plaid, it takes about 30 minutes to get ready

Even the boys wear kilts (and wellies on their feet if they don’t like sand)

Sister-in-law Kate, best dressed even in wellies!

Pat now dressed in all his Highland gear

Even my Uncle Les wore his kilt from his pipe band days in Winnipeg

The men in my family wore tartan ties to honour my husband’s family (see above as well)

Getting ready to make an entrance

Let the dancing begin!

 Next post: the reception venue


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