Wordless Wedding Week: food and beverage

We hired Janet and her crew from the House of Dun’s Cafe Dun. Janet was born and raised in Scotland, but moved to Texas in her 20’s, where she worked in the catering industry. She has since retired from catering in Texas and moved back to Scotland, where she heads the Cafe Dun. Her cooking is southern home-cooking with Scottish touches, and to die for! Not only did Janet, Linda and their fabulous team do a great job catering our wedding, but they also lended their expertise to other areas of wedding planning. Janet’s smooth, southern drawl just made everything better 🙂

Champagne recption drink: Kir Royale fizz from Marks and Spencer, along with punch, Stella Artois and Jura whisky
No photos of our canapés as everyone gobbled them up! We had brocoli and cheese crustless quiche, roasted red pepper roulades of puff pastry, and crab tarts. I made one of the servers stand in front of me as I ate from his tray of goodies, it was great.

Slow roasted beef in Yorkshire puddings with gravy, buttery mashed potatoes, savoury green beans with bacon and tomatoes, and cinnamon glazed carrots. Oh. My. God!
For vegetarians, roasted butternut squash stuffed with rice and beans

 Our wedding cake was a fruit cake from Marks and Spencers (we bought two different sizes of layers), and my bridesmaids decorated it with flowers bought from the grocery store. It all cost about £80? Much cheaper than the £450+ that bakeries were selling their cakes!

My sister-in-law Kate, and friends Adrienne and Amanda made six dozen vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. We served them on cake stands.
Janet made the head table a selection of dainties (tray bakes).
For supper, we had even more dainties! My mother-in-law made tablet, a Scottish sweet (and no doubt subject of a future Time for your piece post), my friend Fiona made mini-banoffee tarts, and my sister-in-law Erica’s mom (does that make sense?) Jane made date slice and top hats. Aunts Olive and Caroline made a cheese platter with cute Scots descriptions.

Next (and last) post: the ceilidh!


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wedding Week: food and beverage

  1. It's been over a year since your most memorable day with your hubby. Well, I have one word to describe your entire wedding menu: Yummy! And since I'm a certified meat-lover, my favorite would be the roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. I can actually feel my mouth watering when I see the picture.

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