I am alive – in pictures

First off, apologies for the recent absence. Work has been taking up much of my time lately, as I’ve started teaching Home Economics as well, so I’m planning, preparing and creating work for students to do. We’re also doing an Olympics whole school project, so that’s taking up time at night too. I’ve still been eating and running though, and I also bought a new car!

Goodbye Kermit, hello Otto

It’s a 2004 Skoda Octavia tdi (turbo diesel injected). I got a great deal on it, and the guy that sold it to me accepted my old VW Polo as a trade in, which made a small impact on the price. I give all my cars names: my first car, a Mazda Protege, was the Silver Bullet; my second, a Golf tdi, was ‘Ze German’ (said in a German accent), my Polo was Kermit, and now this one will be Otto the Octavia. For those of you in North America, Skoda is part of the Volkswagon group (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat, a Spanish make). My car is essentially a Golf station wagon (or estate if you live in Britain). I got it for more room for camping trips, water sports, transporting my in-law’s three dogs, and eventually, babies.

We’ve been bbq-ing a lot lately, here’s a snapshot of a recent meal:

 My husband’s a landscape gardener, and one day, he brought home some gooseberries and black currants from a client’s garden. He combined these with rhubarb to make a tart, sweet and delicious crumble.

We’ve been watching the Olympics every night since they started, we’re hooked! What did you all think of the opening ceremonies????? I loved them! I usually find opening ceremonies to be quite dull or hard to get into, and only really watch for the parade of athletes. The last two Olympics though, have been the exception because they’ve been held in my home countries – Canada and Britain (home away from home) – with all sorts of bits and pieces that I know of. I loved the incorporation of British music throughout the years, and Mr. Bean’s bit was hilarious! Finally, Hazel Irvine’s commentary for the BBC during the parade of athletes was outstanding: my husband and I felt like she could hear our questions (Where is that? What language do they speak?) and was answering them.

I absolutely love the Olympics! The parade of athletes, the emotions, the records, the triumphs, and my favourite, all the video clips and montages. I love the stories behind the athletes, and all the historical references to previous great Olympians. There have been many times this week where I’ve had tears welling up in my eyes from the raw emotions of the games. And can we all agree that South African Chad Le Klos’ gold medal win and acceptance were so touching??? I couldn’t stop crying!

Some of the football matches are being held in Glasgow, and I had an opportunity to go see the men’s Egypt vs. Belarus match, but sadly couldn’t go due to previous commitments. A kind and considerate person brought me back a t-shirt though:

I’m also wearing my new glasses. I also love the Team GB running tights, and after scouring the internet, finally found some that weren’t all sold out. They will be here by next week.

I hope my physique will look this good!

Although it’s easy to root for Team GB here, (that’s all we see on TV), I’m still hoping Canada has a personal best for total medals this games, beating its record of 22 set at the 1996 Atlanta games. I will be purchasing some Canada gear too, but that will happen this fall when I go home to Winnipeg for a visit!

This is the first time in a while that I will be flying with a regular airline (as opposed to a discount airline), and I’m so excited! I usually use Canadian Affair to fly home, because it’s a direct flight into Toronto from Glasgow (I then fly WestJet to Winnipeg), but it’s with Air Transat, which means smaller seats and less leg room. When I was shopping for tickets this time, it was more expensive to fly my usual combination, so I did some major shopping around and bought a ticket with Air France, which turned out to be cheaper. I’m flying from Aberdeen to Paris, then Paris to Montreal, and Montreal to Winnipeg. Long day, but totally worth it. On the way home, I fly the same route, and get to fly in an Airbus a380 from Montreal to Paris!!!!!! Wow! For me, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I’m going to take it!


The in-law’s dogs are staying with us now, so here’s some photos displaying their cuteness.

Use my rehab tennis ball as a toy

Coming in from the rain

 There’s also a German Shorthaired pointer, but she doesn’t pose as well for photos as the Spaniels do unfortunately.

 Finally, a new recipe find! We often use the Philadelphia website for dinner inspiration, so when looking for recipes to make with students at school, I perused the website and found this recipe for Chicken Fingers (or goujons in British English, even though it’s French). I won’t type it out because, let’s face it, this post is long enough!

I’m drooling

I made honey dill sauce for dipping, which is just mayo, honey and fresh dill mixed together. A Manitoba? Winnipeg? staple for chicken fingers.

I know last time I blogged, it was about our anniversication; I will resume those posts as you still need to know about Tiree and SUP-ing, camping in Middle Earth a.k.a. Isle of Skye, and the best restaurant (and Time for your piece post) I’ve ever eaten at in Scotland.


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