Anniversication: Islands and Highlands of Scotland – Isle of Skye

Post #3 of the four part Anniversication series! Of my July holiday….. Can you say procrastinator?

I would first like to qualify this by saying that sometimes, it’s difficult to find the motivation to blog, even when the ideas and inspiration are right in front of you. Real life is saying “Look at me, pay attention to me, do something with me!” and lately, I’ve been saying “Okay!” to all of this. To put together a blog post, although it seems quick and effortless, can take some time to do, especially if you’re a blogger like me who explains things, links things, and uploads photos. I used to think that I needed to blog everday, but tried it, and it was too time-consuming. Even three posts a week is sometimes hard to do, and I feel like I’m missing out on quality time with my husband, or even just relaxation time at the end of the day. I will find a balance one day though, and in the mean time, you readers, if you’re still around, will just have to wait.

Last Anniversication post left off in Tiree, where my husband and I spent a week camping and SUP-ing. Unfortunately though, our time on Tiree had to come to an end, and back to Oban via the ferry we went.

We then headed north towards the Isle of Skye! It is a hiking and rock climbing mecca in the north west of Scotland, and I’ve always wanted to go there (even though I don’t like hiking and I don’t rock climb – I think for me it’s one of those places where you just want to go to say you’ve been).


ย We passed close to many iconic Scottish sites along the way: Glen Coe (famous in both history and geography), the Nevis Range (the range of mountains around Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles), and Eilean Donan (a pretty famous castle you might recognize from the films Entrapment or Made of Honour). Too bad we don’t have photos of it all, just Eilean Donan, (which I was pretty excited to see).

One day, I’d like to tour the actual castle, rather than abruptly stop our car journey, jump out, take a few photos, then hit the road again.

The journey to Skye takes you through the Highlands of Scotland, offering up beautiful lochs and picturesque mountains, with bustling pubs and hotels around every bend. There are some stretches of the trip that take you through remote parts of Scotland, but as you approach Skye and the Skye Bridge, it becomes populated again.

Queen’s View, one of many

We drove through Kyle of Lochalsh, the last town on the mainland, then drove across the Skye Bridge, which connects the island to the mainland of Scotland; before 1995, you would’ve had to have taken the ferry across.

Our destination was Sligachan, a tiny settlement with literally a hotel, a pub, a bunkhouse and campground, which offers great views of the Cuillins mountains. Along the way, we passed incredibly dramatic clouds which made me feel like we were headed to Middle Earth and not north western Scotland.

Digital enhancement courtesy of my husband’s iPhoto skills

When we reached Sligachan, it was, as they say in Scotland, blowing a hooley! The wind was incredibly strong! So strong, that we had to peg our tent first in order to pitch it, rather than the other way around. Again, we were met with dramatic clouds:

And believe it or not, there was a big race up and down the mountain in the foreground the following day! (which my brother-in-law’s friend won – cool!).

We had decided that we were going to cook that night instead of enjoy restaurant food (whose idea was that???), so we attempted to cook a meal with our camp stove, while the wind was a blowing. We had to create a barrier that blocked the wind from our tent entrance, and once this was done, it was time to make our fry up dinner (eggs, bacon, toast, and fried potatoes and veg)!

Patiently waiting for water to bowl, and yes, I lived in that hoodie

After dinner and a much needed hot shower, we headed to the pub for some beer and Backagammon:

By midnight, the wind had altogether stopped, and we were able to enjoy our walk back to our tent in peace, still able to see the outline of the Cuillins against the moonlight.
We woke up the next morning, our actual anniversary morning, to calm skies and warmth, and enjoyed another fry up, this time with fruit and yogurt as well.
One last photo before driving towards our next destination: Aviemore!
One yearUp next

Up next: the best restaurant I’ve been to in Scotland, and the Glenlivet Distillery


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