Graze box and my kinda-sorta giveaway

Do you like to snack? Do you like to receive packages in the mail? Have you heard of Graze? It’s a British food company that specialises in healthy, mail-order snacks to cure your afternoon cravings for sinful and shameful salty or sweet snacks. And I’ve signed up to receive them! We got a voucher for a free box in our Lovefilm envelope last week, so I went for it. It’s quite easy to do, and the best part is you get to browse through all sorts of food! The Graze snacks are both sweet and savoury, and contain anything from nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, crackers, dips, cakes, flapjacks, popcorn, foccacia, oatcakes, shortbread, etc., etc.. They come in small, sealed packages, which offer a small, controlled taste of a delicious food, so you don’t have to worry about eating too much.

To sign up is quite easy: after you’ve filled in the form with your details, you browse through the many pages of snacks to see what they’ve got and what you don’t want. Graze assumes that you would want to try all their snacks; if not, you indicate that you never want them. On the contrary, if you know you’d like or love the snack, you tick those boxes, and Graze will send them to you more frequently. Easy and delicious.

I received my first Graze box Saturday:


And by 5 pm the same day, the snacks were gone! Both my husband and I enjoyed them a bit too much, (and by the way, all those choices were amazing).

I received my second box in the post today, containing:


And yes, the pistachios have already been sampled.

Aside from tasty snacks, each box also contains personalised booklet with the nutrition information for each snack:

You also get a napkin and possibly a cocktail stick if you get olives. You might also find a cute little joke in your box:

The boxes are £3.89 each, and handily fit in your mailbox with the rest of your mail. Unfortunately, Graze only delivers within the UK, sorry everyone else!
Time for the kinda-sorta giveaway, which is unfortunately for UK readers only. If you’d like to try your own Graze box, use the Feed Our Friends code below for a FREE one:

Graze also supports a school of farming in Uganda, which is a sustainable source of income for the village of Kabubbu. By using the Feed Our Friends code, you give me the option of donating a £1 to support Graze School of Farming. And when you sign up for Graze, and get your own codes to spread the news, you can do the same. Good, healthy food and making the world a better place? Why not?

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