Photo Challenge: Days 7, 8, 9, 11, 12

Day 7: Fruit 

The before and after of my morning smoothie, which consisted of frozen strawberries, banana, orange, pineapple, avocado and raspberry yogurt.


Day 8: A Bad Habit

Definitely one, and possibly another in the making. Pepsi is my horrible habit, and I’ve reduced myself to drinking it only on the weekends, except when I’m on holiday.

And cerise-coloured Le Creuset could become a bad habit as this oval shaped casserole, although a wedding gift that currently resides in Canada because it’s too heavy to take on the plane, is piece #5 of my collection, including a cerise-coloured round casserole. But I love them, they’re so good for cooking and they will last a lifetime.

Day 9: Someone you love

A few photos of family from my trip to Winnipeg:

Dad and I after a run
Clockwise: my Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Lucille and my Mom

My Aunt Sandy, Uncle Ian and my Dad

You’ll notice my husband Pat wasn’t there, he couldn’t make it 😦

Here’s one of my favourite photos of him, post-surf when he still had his pony tail:

Day 10: Childhood Memory

I’m leaving this one out for now as I forgot to take this photo so I’m cheating and getting my mom to take a photo and send it to me.

Day 11: Something blue

This was the day I arrived back in Scotland after about 15 hours of traveling, and three flights. The first photo is from the plane I took from Montreal to Paris, Air France’s A380 Airbus (which I will write more about in my vacation recap posts because I just love planes!). It’s a stretch for blue, but Air France’s logo has blue in it and it was taken October 11th so why not?

The second photo is of me back at home in Scotland, in my non-central heated home, freezing my ass off. My solution was to enclose myself in my mummy sleeping bag. The blue is the little bit of my hoodie that you can see peaking through.

Day 12: Sunset

This isn’t sunset, but instead the onset of dusk. It’s been a very wet day across the east cost of Scotland with tons of epic flooding, that I will tell you about tomorrow. I took this photo of the North Sea on my drive home today.


By the way, you know you’re jet lagged when it’s almost 1 am and you’re still awake……sigh.


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