Flooding of epic proportions!

Thursday night, the night I arrived back from Canada, it started to rain. Typical in Scotland. We woke up Friday morning to rain, again, typical. The rain continued throughout the day. Again, typical. When I looked out my window to the river by our house, very atypical! The banks had burst and water was stretching to the farmer’s fields and through horse pastures. We knew that flooding was possible and had happened here before, we’d just never seen it. Until now that is.

I had made plans with my mother- and sister-in-law to go to a craft sale at the church hall in Montrose, about a 30 minute drive from my place. That morning, my husband texted me to say that the roads bad due to flooding, and some were closed. In speaking to the Tesco delivery man when he delivered our groceries, he also said the same thing, and that all roads close to my house that I would take to Montrose were closed. He recommended I stay home. But I was determined! In the end, I ended up going out to the craft sale, taking a detour into Montrose. It was fine, and although there was some flooded parts, it wasn’t impassable. 

On the way home, I snapped these photos of the North Sea, all churned up:

It was smooth sailing all the way home until that last half mile, when I saw that the now swollen river had gotten worse and was blocking the last bit of road I needed to cross to get to my house!  I took a small detour to try the same road at a different angle, but it still was treacherous. The water was moving fast across the road, forming little rapids. My neighbour and her friend were standing on the side of the road, and encouraged me to drive through, saying my station wagon of a car would be okay as long as I drove fast and stayed straight. I drove through, with water up to my hood (bonnet), and cleared the other side, and have this photo to prove it:

There were two ladies in their own cars behind me, and they followed suite. Once I turned onto the small road up to my house, I saw how bad the flooding truly was. What is normally fields of horse pasture was a lake of water.

The forground of this photo up to the line of trees is typically pasture, and you can’t see the river from this point normally. Not Friday though!  

The flooding was also crossing our road, by my other neighbour’s house!

Thankfully by Friday night, the waters started to recede, and by Saturday morning, the river was back to normal. I’m not sure what this week will bring, however, as there’s more rain forecasted! We’re on higher ground, so our house is fine, but I hope my neighbour’s will be okay.

In injury news, while I ran five times during my visit home to Winnipeg, I have yet to run since returning to Scotland. I attribute some of this to the rain and flooding of my running routes, but also to the fact that my back isn’t doing well. My hips are really tight, which make the stretching exercises for my sciatic nerve difficult to do, which in turn leaves me with a tender pain on my right side and continued pain in my heel. I’ve been loosening my hips and stretching everyday, and my amazing husband has been massaging me to ease the pain and loosen things up. Much of the pain is in my pelvis and sacrum, so hopefully my physio will be able to give me some treatment during Tuesday night’s appointment. I’ve also made an appointment with an osteopath, but he’s so booked up, that it’s for December 8th! I’m on a wait-list though, so fingers crossed I get in sooner. I might try a chiropractor as well, which just goes to show how desperate I am as I never go to chiropractors and try to avoid them, (there’s something about getting my back and neck cracked that I just don’t like). I’ve been feeling pain in my heel since May and it’s now October; I need this to be done with already!
I made beef stew for dinner and cinnamon rolls for this week’s snacks. I also finally received my stand up and paddle board!
Back to work tomorrow, kinda. I start a course to get my Food Hygiene certificate in Scotland! Winnipeg posts to follow, I promise. Have a good week all!

2 thoughts on “Flooding of epic proportions!

  1. Well, it looks like you have plenty of bodies of water in which to paddle board right now!

    Sorry about your nagging injuries. I was always scared of chiropractors, but I really like the one I go to. MOST of the time I don't feel like I'm being popped.

  2. I'm just really skeptical of chiros: I went to one when I lived in Canada and he said that he would need to work on me for once a week, for two years, at $77 a pop. I never went back and turned to physio therapy instead, where I got acupunture, massage, use of modalities and almost pampering instead. But now I'm desperate…. post-run tonight, my sciatic nerve is radiating pain/cooling off.

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