Photo challenge to the end

Yes, I’m a procrastinator, a major one. Every weekend I think ‘Yes, I’ll write a few posts, catch up on the photo challenge, finally get around to my trip to Canada posts, and maybe add another volume of You know you’re a rural runner when…. and I’ll be all caught up.’ Then life gets in the way, imagine that! I know I’ve been a blog slacker these last few months, but at times, I have no inspiration to write. What’s up with that? I also sometimes wonder, who (besides family, friends and blog friends) are reading this? Maintaining a blog can be difficult, so I just hope I persevere and get all these posts done, even if they are late.

Anyway, back to the photo challenge.

Day 18: Your shoes

Pretty straight forward, these are the shoes I wore October 18th. Sorel boots (purchased on my recent trip home to Winnipeg) to and from work, Blowfish flats at work (where we have heated floors), Birkenstock sandals at home as slippers and my New Balance running shoes because I went for a run that evening. Can I just say how much I love those runners? They’re much lighter in weight than my Nike ones, and because of that, I feel like I run faster. And that’s always good, isn’t it?

Day 19: Something orange

One night, as I was preparing my breakfast smoothie fruit the night before and reaching for a new bag of oranges, I found that one had gone mouldy. I threw that one away, then rinsed the rest and let them dry in our dish rack. I thought I’d combine this with Day 20: Bokeh (a photo with blurriness in it), but manipulated the photo on Instagram to put the blur in instead, and ended up with this:

 Then a few days later (cheating I know!), I had baby carrots, which I haven’t had since moving to Scotland over three years ago, so I snapped a shot of more orange:

Day 20: Bokeh

As mentioned above, Bokeh refers to blurry or out-of-focus areas of an image. I use my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone, how would I do that????? First I tried manipulating it, but that wasn’t genuine. Then tonight, (cheating again!), I found this photo of a forkie-tailie (not it’s enotmological name) that I took in our bathroom. Forkie-tailie’s are a sign of fall/autumn for me, as every now and then I’ll find one in our house. They especially like small cosy spaces, like towels or curtains!

I’m quite happy with this photo actually.

Day 21: Faceless self-portrait

My head in my hand, like I’m frustrated. Not intentional at all, it’s a self-portrait after all and more of a chance photo, but I find this interesting because this is how I’ve felt these last weeks at work because things have been quite difficult. Interesting how, although unintentional, it’s totally reflected here.

Aside from a faint smirk.

Day 22: Hands

Guess who they belong to?????

Day 23: Sunflare

So, I’m going to deviate from the list here and make up my own: flare. I snapped this photo of a recent snowfall at night, which left four inches of snow on grassy areas, and all surfaces outside, including plants and our clothes line, completely covered in snow. Combine that with a bright moonlight night (or a braw bricht moonlicht nicht in Scots), and it makes for one spectacular sight. That I didn’t get. But I did snap a photo of the snow flakes, which look like flares here:

Day 24: Animal(s)

If you know me, you’ll know which animals I’ll include for this challenge: my in-law’s dogs. These photos were snapped at our Thanksgiving dinner.

Spaniel half brothers Gille (pronounced ‘Gilly’) and Chae. Gille is actually posing!

Brio the old, beautiful girl
Four dogs eagerly awaiting leftovers
Day 25: Something(s) pink
In our bedroom, we’ve got pink fabric Moroccan-looking coverings over our lights, which make for a pink light in our bedroom. Don’t let your mind wander as to why we’ve got the pink light, it’s to match with our awesome bedding which I adore. See?

I also got a new pair of Brooks winter running tights with a thick pink, hold-that-belly-in band to replace my grey Adidas muffin-top-creating pair:


Day 26: Close-Up

Friday night I made homemade Chicken Kiev for dinner. They were phenomenal. I will post the recipe tomorrow. I swear.

Day 27: From a distance

I snapped this photo of a deer in the grounds of my school. Can you see it???????

Day 28: Flowers

This is a desperate ‘quick, I need a photo!’ photo of my hair stuff box, which has pretty gold flowers on it.

Day 29: Black and White
One of my favourite photos! Sunday, November 11th, the New Zealand All Blacks are coming to Edinburgh to play the Scottish rugby team. I had originally planned to enter the Peterhead 10 km, but decided that we needed to go to this game. I’m beyond excited for it as I’m a huge All Blacks fan! I’ve loved them (and Daniel Carter) since travelling to New Zealand in 2002. I’ve watched as many games as I can on TV and secretly wished I would get the opportunity to see them play live. Living in Scotland has given me that chance, and my husband and I will be going to the game. South Africa and Tonga are also coming the weekends following, and if you want to go see any of the games, click here.
This photo is of our tickets, which arrived in the post today (cheating again!).
Definitely not running the 10 km anymore (besides, still hurting!).

Day 30: Self-Portrait
Another chance snap, me looking forward… to more posts on my blog, a year of I Eat Therefore I Run, more running, being injury-free, stress-free at work, earning my Intermediate Food Hygiene certificate next week (I’ve been going to college classes the last three Mondays for it), and who knows what else will pop up in the future.

Photo challenge done, thanks for the inspiration Shantalie! Winnipeg trip posts to come. Now, it’s time for bed.


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