The pain in my (right) side

As you may, or may not know, I’ve been dealing with an injury for a while now. Six months + altogether. It started as a pain in my glutes, just below my hip bone. I went to the physio to get it checked, got some stretches and exercises to do, did said stretches and exercises and the pain would go away for a while, so I would continue to do the stretches and exercises. A month or so later, a new type of pain would begin in the pelvic, gluteal region, and again I would go to the physio, get new stretches and exercises, do said stretches and exercises, etc., etc., etc.. The pain also manifested itself in my right heel, and for a while I thought it was plantar fasciitis. Again I went to the physio and was given exercises for plantar fasciitis, but was also warned that it could be issues with my lumbar spine, and after two months of stretches and exercises, the pain was still there. I went back to the physio, and a lumbar spine diagnosis followed. Again, stretches and exercises, with a dash here and there of ultra-sound. Again, the pain would go away for a few days, then come back with a vengeance! It’s like this injury is an onion, and I’ve only peeled away half of the layers and still have so many to go before I get to the middle, the root of my problems.

source – My right hip is the middle of this onion

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t feel I’ve got an injury, and this has more become a way of life me. Every morning I wake up with a stiff right foot and pain in my right heel, and it’s started to creep into my left one as well if I don’t do my stretches in bed before I get up. Every time I sit down, whether it’s at my desk at school, my car, my couch at home, the floor, I feel this sharp pain on my right side, as though it’s pinched, followed by a few limping foot steps before I feel normal again. Sometimes, as I’m trying to relax on my couch, I feel a cooling sensation running down my right side, (as I’m writing right now actually). I can’t sleep on my right side at all because it hurts, so I end up with my back to my husband almost every night.

This is what I know about my pain:
– I don’t have plantar fasciitis in my foot, as the pain is only concentrated in my heel.
– The pain is a nerve issue, as opposed to muscle strain or ligament sprain.
– The source of the pain is most likely my tendency of putting my back into lumbar lordosis (aka pregnant lady curved back) for years!
– The pain sucks.

My body is so used to being compromised, that it’s totally compensating all over the place. I tend to lean on my right side more than my left, I twist to my right instead of the left, I sleep on my right side, etc. There is more emphasis on the right, and as a result, my right hip is so tight! Today, I read Tracie’s post about Sleep positions, influenced by this article, and read that sleeping on your back is best for your spine, and I wonder whether sleeping on my left all the time has created this tightness in my right hip. Tonight, I will sleep in savasana pose, on my back and hopefully in time, that will make a difference.

source – In bed instead

Up to this point, my running hasn’t at all been affected. The pain is felt at all waking hours except when I ran. I could run up to 5 miles without pain, but then feel it immediately after a run, the day after the run and sometimes two days later. I never felt heel pain or pain in my side during a run, and my physio said I could continue to run. So I did. Until Thursday. During my run Thursday night, an easy 3.7 miles around town with my running friend Wendy, I asked if we could stop and walk for a minute because my right side was starting to hurt. This never happens. After the run, I was stiff and sore. The day after, the same, and I finally came to the conclusion that as much as I love to run, I hate to feel this pain. I made an appointment with a new physio therapist, who made me happy following this (paraphrased) excerpt from our conversation:

New physio: What’s bothering you?

Danielle: Well, I’m a runner and for the last six months, I’ve been feeling a sharp pain on my right side and a burning pain in my heel in my right foot. I’ve been told it’s lumbar spine issues and have been seeing a physio, but the stretches and exercises don’t seem to be making a difference, and it’s frankly driving me crazy. I’ve got an appointment with the osteopath in December, but that’s too far away.

New physio: That is to far away. Sounds like you need some manipulation.

Danielle: I do!

New physio: I do that and things similar to the osteo. We can get you sorted out.

Danielle: Really???!?! Excellent!

I see him Wednesday and I’m so excited. Until then, I’m resting but it’s just dawned on me that I feel pain in resting and after running, the same degree and for the same length of time. Maybe I should just run tomorrow night because really, will it make a difference? I’ll think about it.

Aside from living with this annoyance every day and now making pain a part of my life, part of me is frustrated that at 32 years of age, I shouldn’t feel like this, right? I know I should look at my wrist from time to time and put things into perspective, and stop worrying about this first world issue, but I’m not always capable of that. I’m human after all. I just need to keep persevering and working towards being pain free.

 Here’s my Pinterest moment of the day:


 Off to lie in savasana for 7.25 hours-ish. Good night.


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