10 Things and more that I Love About Running

Hyedi recently recycled an old post of her’s called 10 Things that I LOVE About Running. I’ve had an idea to write something like this for ages (I swear! You know me, big procrastinator), and quickly commented about this fact on Hyedi’s post. Her reply? You should! (in fact, I encourage all runner bloggers who are reading this now to do the same). So for Hyedi, and everyone else, here are the 10 Things and more that I Love About Running, in no particular order, counting down to #1.

14. Meeting new, like-minded people: This is key for someone like me, who’s moved to a different town, different region and different country. I’ve since run with two different clubs and have met several people through them.

13. Getting to know a new area and new town: Connected to #14. This is especially true for where we live just now; I know the closest town better than my husband does!

12. New running clothes! Obviously! Every girl loves her shoes, and what’s not to love about Helly Hansen thermal tops?!??!? I’ve always love Lululemon stuff, but can’t bring myself to pay $70 + tax Canadian (or £62 + shipping and handling from the British Lulu site. £50 is where I draw the line). My Christmas wish list: (lots of pink and purple)




11. The I Eat Therefore I Run mentality: Or is itability? To be able to enjoy the foods you love without packing on the pounds, why not? Plus moderation and balance is important.

Have your  jam-filled cupcake and eat it too

10. Overall fitness: I’m the fittest I’ve ever been cardiovascularly, and at non-injured times, I still marvel that I can run 5 miles without difficulty.

9. PR’s – race PR’s, training run PR’s, even Pace per Mile PR’s. I’m all about them, I’m competitive, what can I say?

Montrose 10 km PR of 57:58

8. Races: race day buzz is amazing and the electricity you feel from the crowds in larger events is awesome. If all goes well with injury recovery, I’m taking a big step next year to race more and even try a half marathon. Fingers crossed!

Perth Kilt Run 2012

7. New and difficult challenges: conquering huge hills, trail runs, beach runs, pushing for distance, etc, etc, etc.

Almost 600 foot climb – conquered!
6. Meeting new runner bloggers Amy, Rachel, Shantalie, Hyedi and Tracie, and being able to connect with people all over the world through my blog and Twitter.
5. Running any time, any where: I go running on holiday, in the morning, at night, afternoon, by my house, in town, forrest trails, beach runs, etc. This year, I’ve run while in Tiree and many times when in Winnipeg visiting family.
First snowfall of 2012 for Winnipeg
4. Beautiful scenery: Especially if you’re a rural runner like me.

3. Sometimes you get dirty. And getting dirty is fun. And the hot shower afterwards is amazing.

 2. Running is like exorcism: I find that if I’m in a horrible mood, really perplexed about something or have had a horrible day, I’m able to clear my mind by running. I feel better and more calm post-run, and it’s during running that I do some of my best thinking. I also know that if I have a really horrible day at work, I’ll have an amazing, PR run that night.

 1. Because I can: Whether you’ve just entered your first 5 km, or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, I think it’s safe to say that all of us run because we can, and will continue to do so until our body tells us to stop.

Now it’s your turn, what do you love about running?

First run last night post- new physio appointment, and although my sciatic nerve stuff didn’t come on during the run, it was still sore last night and up until lunch today. My heel, on the other hand, is so painful! I feel like I’ve gone two baby steps forward and three giant steps back. Perseverance!

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