I Eat Therefore I Run: one year on

Today marks my blog’s one year anniversary. It was a year ago today that I wrote the post In the beginning to kick of what has become a year of trying new recipes in the kitchen and remaking some classics, running new distances and speeds, trying a few new races, meeting some new friends, and then blogging about it all to share with friends, family and strangers, all over the world. As much I as I love to eat and run, then write about it, I’m not going to lie, there were times when I thought about packing it all in. Keeping a blog requires commitment, and although you may have an awesome idea for a post that you think will take 30 minutes to write, two hours later and 11 pm on a school night (when you should already be sleeping), you’re putting the finishing touches on a post that required photos to be uploaded and edited, and information to be researched. This isn’t the case for all bloggers, but being the perfectionist that I am, I want things to look good!

This past year has brought many new and exciting things for me, my husband and I, and the blog in general. Here are a few highlights of the first year of I Eat Therefore I Run:

1. Becoming a Fitblogger contributor. As Fitblogger creator Rita Barry (a fellow Winnipegger via Edmonton) writes Fitblogger is a place meet other healthy living blogger, support each other and get incredible information from other fitness bloggers. Check out my contribution here.


2. Meeting fellow running bloggers Amy, Rachel, Shantalie, and Hyedi, through Twitter and each other’s blogs.

Rachel and I, pre-Kilt Run

Β 3. Setting a new 10 km PR (57:48 at the Montrose 10 km in June), and a new pace per mile PR of 9:16 at the 2012 Perth Kilt Run, also in June.

4. Making some absolutely amazing food, including Chicken Tarragon for Valentines Day, the deliciously savoury Three Cheese, Potato and caramelised onion pie, Queen of Sheba chocolate cake for my sister-in-law Erica’s birthday, and my own take on a Jamie Oliver Asian Chicken soup recipe, which although was posted back in March, still gets regular hits to this day.

Can’t wait to make this soon!

5. Writing about some most excellent dining experiences at The Jute Cafe in Dundee, The Waterfront Fishouse Restaurant in Oban, and the Old Bridge Inn in Aviemore, (where we’re going again this Wednesday night!!!!).

Finishing up a Jute Cafe mojito
6. Featuring some posts by my friend Sarah, my I Eat Therefore I Run mom. Check out her post on balancing training for a half marathon with two young kids, and her 2012 Manitoba Marathon half marathon recap.

Go Sarah go!
I hope to have much more the write about in the next year as I’ve got my eye on some new races and distances in 2013, a few restaurant reviews up my sleeve, my trip home to Winnipeg I still need to write about, and I’m hoping to expand my Time for Your Piece Series. Who knows what else year 2 of I Eat Therefore I Run will bring?
To celebrate the anniversary this week, I’m going to reuse and recycle a few of my favourite and most popular posts over the last year. I’m also going to feature some recipes that might come in handy for the upcoming American Thanksgiving or to be filed away for this Christmas (or Canadian Thanksgiving).
I ran just over 3 miles today at a slow pace, my first run since Tuesday. My right side is stiff, but the heel pain is practically nonexistent. Baby steps…. Leftover Cottage Pie for dinner, perfect for this cold autumn day. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “I Eat Therefore I Run: one year on

  1. I'm glad you got a nice wee run in, and I'm glad I made your top 10! πŸ˜› I totally know what you mean about taking h-o-u-r-s to write up a post you thought would take 20-30 minutes. It does mean there are a few still in the 'draft' folder, sadly unlikely to ever be finished.

    And finally – CONGRATS on a year of sticking to it! Hopefully I'll see you at a race soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Rachel! Of course you'd be there, it's a rare occurrence to connect with fellow bloggers AND then to meet them too, (I think). And yes, I've got about 4 posts saved to draft that are just waiting.

    I just got my latest Jog Scotland magazine and found some shorter races I want run. I'll let you know about them and blog about them too πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your comments!

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