Walk up to Rock of the hill

We’re currently taking care of my in-law’s three dogs, two of which are very energetic Working Cocker Spaniels who required lots of walks. As a way of enjoying the day together but also giving the dogs lots of exercise so they’d sleep in a pile that night, we decided to do a hill walk up to Clachnaben, translated from Gaelic to Rock of the Hill. I’d heard of Clachnaben before, but didn’t know it was literally on my doorstep! Not literally, but only about a 30 minute drive away. For hillwalking enthusiasts, Clachnaben is an ascent of 511m, or 1676 feet, and the walk is 5.5 miles in distance; it took us about 3.5 hours to do the whole thing. I’m not a huge hillwalker, the idea of walking up a hill for a long time isn’t at all thrilling or fun,but Clachnaben for some reason is perfect. It combines well-kept forest tracks, sheep fields, hills of heather and steep, rocky rocky steps up to a rock pile of a summit amidst the brown heather hills that surround it. It is said that devil had an argument with his wife and threw a stone at her; Clachnaben is where it landed. It wasn’t always so pretty and maintained though. A group of hillwalking enthusiasts revived the walk in the late 90’s, along with the help of many private donations and Glen Dye Estate, where the rocky summit is situated. You can find out more information about Clachnaben here.

We had a fantastic walk with the Spaniels, who frolicked (and licked) the snow. Check out our photos from the day.

The Rock of the Hill in the distance
My followers

Chae and Gille

The steep and rocky final ascent

It was windy at the top!

At the top, looking at Clachnaben

Veeeeeeery windy!

Sunny and still on the other side of the rock

Snow caked canine. No shivering at all!

Queen of the hill

ย We returned home to find that the third dog, the old Pointer, had gotten into Pat’s lunch stuff (two Snickers and three pieces of bread), and ate them. She also got a whiff of my fermenting and very much alive sourdough starter, one litre of it altogether, and lapped the whole thing up!!!!! And to make matters worse, it was my last one. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Erica is going to give me another one. As we were sitting on the couch, enjoying some post-walk snacks, the Pointer suddenly got up, big bloated belly and all, and proceeded to puke the entire contents of her stomach onto our carpet and her bed. At lease we wouldn’t have to deal with sourdough in her system anymore…… Pat and I just sat there as it happened, in shock. There wasn’t much more we could’ve done!

After donning our rubber gloves and cleaning up the mess, we made this delicious and quick meal of chicken schnitzel, boiled potatoes and steamed brocoli, perfect after a day of cold and windy hill walking.

Early beds for all of us that night!

I’m currently working on a post recapping our little getaway to the mountains, including a new restaurant find! Stay tuned!


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