MIA: The vacation, the flu and oh yeah! My birthday

Hello blog! It has been almost a month (!) since my last post; in some ways I’ve been busy and hence neglecting the blog: we went to Germany for a week to visit family, (and when I travel, I don’t blog – that’s my rule. I still read other’s blogs though). Upon returning home, fully ready to share with you my first experience with Crossfit and all about the delicious cakes, great runs, and sights we saw in Germany, I promptly got the flu! I was off of work for a week altogether, and have never been so floored by an illness in my life! People say ‘You’ll know when you have the flu’ (in comparison to a cold), and yes, in every way possible, with every symptom possible, I had the flu: no energy, no appetite, aches all over (especially my sacro-iliac joint for some reason), pains all over (to the point that scratching my leg felt like it would leave a bruise), congested, horrible phlegmy cough, vomiting and that dreaded D (for diarrh…… you know), fever and just general horrible feeling all over. I slept and dozed all day long, then slept solidly all night long. Taking a shower or even reading a book required an hour long nap afterwards. Eating felt like a huge effort and I actually didn’t want to eat at all. Really troubling for someone who is in love with food like me. One night, my husband had made some delicious chicken schnitzel and it was a huge effort to find it appetising and try to eat it; what is normally one of my favourite meals had me almost crying and begging my husband to let me stop eating. He wasn’t force feeding me, but he knew that I hadn’t eaten anything of substance for almost two days, and that it was time to start building energy again. At one point during this bout with the flu, after barely touching a meal, my husband commented that I really must be sick if I’m rejecting food. It sucked.

Germany teaser

After trying to go to work one day only to go home before lunch, I headed to the doctor for some reassurance and to see about this pesky, persistent cough. I was put on a week-long course of anti-biotics which seem to have done the trick (I’ve got one more pill left to take). The National Health Service website (the UK’s healthcare system), advised that those infected with the flu will start to feel better 5 to 8 days afterwards (it took me 8 days), but will have a persistent cough (yes – taken care of with anti-biotics because it was a chest infection) and will still feel tired for a week or two after (yes, although getting much better). I’ve been in bed before 10 pm every night, and I’m slowly getting back to normal. I haven’t run since Tuesday, February 19th, when I did an easy 5 mile run with my running group. I haven’t done any yoga since the beginning of February because it’s been my husband’s birthday, vacation in Germany then the flu. I can’t believe how much this illness has taken out of me. Hopefully, I can start to make my comeback. Tonight, I did an easy yoga session with my husband at home, and tomorrow night I’m hoping to do an easy 3 mile run with my running group. We’ll see how that goes.

Through it all, my husband has been a star though, taking care of me, sending me back to bed when he thought I was pushing it (he was right), or telling me to go lie down while he made me something to eat. And, he kept our house spotless and did our laundry, so domestic he is! To top it off, he brought home this sweet gesture last weekend, which brought tears of happiness to my eyes:

What a keeper!

Last week, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. As one of my students says ’33, gasp!’ It’s not really a gasp (!) age for me, although it’s hard to believe I’m approaching my mid-30’s thus my 40’s (exaggerating, but soon). My students (and some colleagues) think I’m still in my mid-20’s, which I’ll take! I come from good genetics I think, because both my parents don’t look their age at all.

Not a day past 27?

 My teaching colleagues brought in some majorly sinful birthday treats: (which my husband gobbled up – I still don’t fully have my over-eating appetite back –  which is probably a good thing).

So bad but so good

 And this past weekend, I made delicious my birthday treat of St Clements cupcakes with plenty of orange and lemon flavours, and ground almonds. I will post the recipe soon.

 I also got some bright and cheerful running shoes for my birthday: the orange Nike ones are from my husband and the blue-purple Asic ones are ‘To: Danielle, Happy Birthday, From: Danielle.’ Both are from what could possibly be my new favourite website for running shoes: Wiggle.

 Now that I’m back to blogging, I’ve got lots of posts lined up:

Things I’ve learned in my 33 years
– 33 reasons why life has been good
– A post on our trip to Germany and all the good runs and cakes that were had
Losing my Crossfit virginity – because it did happen and I still want to write about it.

Have a great week everyone!


9 thoughts on “MIA: The vacation, the flu and oh yeah! My birthday

  1. Oh my goodness, 'real' flu sucks so hard, but a chest infection on top of that sounds awful. And I think I have only been so sick that I haven't wanted to eat about 4 times in my life – it was bad. I'm glad you're feeling better! Don't worry too much if it takes a week or so to feel back to normal, exercise-wise. Even when you start to feel human again, doing more than walking around can make you feel like you've just sprinted to the top of Mount Everest!

  2. Ack! The flu is terrible! Glad you're feeling better!

    And, happiest 33rd birthday! I turned 33 in December, and so far it's been the best year yet 🙂 Hope yours is off to a stellar start!

    Looking forward to the cupcake recipe and your upcoming posts!

  3. Nooooooooo! The flu is just the worst. I'm so glad you're feeling better though 🙂 and happy birthday! That purple hat you're wearing is super cute!

  4. Thanks! I'm just a double-whammy when it comes to getting sick this time around apparently, and I'm someone who NEVER gets sick!

    And yes you're right, even the slightest thing feels monumental right now. Last night's easy, relazing yoga made me feel weird and tired. I won't push it running tonight, I want to come back strong.

  5. Thanks Erin! I didn't know how bad the flu actually is, and will never use 'flu' and 'cold' synonymously again!

    Yay, another favourite blogger who part of the 30 club! 33 is an interesting age, but I'm going to make the most of it and keep seeing places and having awesome experiences 🙂

  6. Thank you! I remember reading about your flu in December, and now that I've had it, I completely understand why you called one post something like 'I ran again!'

    I love that hat, it even has a fleece earband built inside for extra warmth.

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