The Pros and Cons of #ThisBody

I know I said that I would continue writing about our Ski Adventures in the Italian Alps, but I’ve had an epiphany and need to get it out. Hopefully you’ll understand?

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a regular check up. We went through my information, then I got weighed and had my blood pressure taken. Good news: no change in weight in two years, and my blood pressure is in a good range. I hadn’t weighed myself in quite some time before yesterday, and had mixed feelings towards the result of 73 kg (or 160 lbs). At 5’7″, 160 lbs isn’t obese, but according to a BMI calculation of 25.1, I’m now in the ‘overweight’ spectrum. BMI isn’t the be all and end all determinant for what is deemed a healthy weight: I look back to my weightlifting days, when I trained with girls who were much heavier than me due to their sheer muscle mass and their ability to lift well over 100kg (or 220lbs – 1kg = 2.2lbs). I also am very aware of my muscular build, and my husband and physio have told me I have muscular legs. I will never be someone with long and lean muscles, and I also know that genetics is a huge factor in how you put on muscle and what your muscle mass will look like. Both my parents have muscular builds; it’s basically inevitable for me.

This news of weight led to some very mixed feelings, which one could see as the Cons of This Body:

This body needs to lose weight.

This body runs regularly, but has maybe hit a running plateau and needs to up the intensity in one, or more, ways.

This body has a small muffin top I get when I wear my jeans and work pants (trousers), of which I’m not that crazy about.

Then I started thinking about this more, and began putting things into perspective. Last month, Christine and a few other bloggers wrote letters of apology’s to their bodies. They detailed the negative things they’d done to their bodies in the pursuit of fitness and thin-ness, how they sacrificed food and their bodies, resulting in injuries and sickness, and leading to further unhappiness. While I haven’t deprived myself of food aside from a week of healthy and controlled-portion eating to begin to lose weight for my wedding, which ultimately drove me crazy and led to taking up running instead, and the whole I Eat Therefore I Run mentality, I have had negative thoughts about my body in the past, and even every now and then. I could’ve also written a letter of apology, but I choose to celebrate the things my body has done in the past instead. This tattoo of mine really does help!

Some of these next points would’ve featured in a planned post on 33 ways life has been good OR 33 reasons why I don’t do bucket lists, but I found that sitting down to write that post was difficult because I felt like I was bragging. Instead, I’m celebrating how my body, in all it’s postive and negative glory, has taken me to some pretty amazing places and helped me do some incredible stuff.

Or, in a more simple form, the Pros of This Body:

This body in the early years

This body hasn’t gained weight in two years.

This body eats whatever she wants in moderation (and no fast food), and running contributed to that.

This body has remained the same clothing size since high school, fifteen years ago.

This body has battled nameless aches and pains for almost a year now, but was determined and never stopped running, and is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And also is seeing a really good physio therapist.

This body ran its first 10km in under an hour, (59:13).

This body has clean and jerked 60kg (132 lbs) and snatched 45kg (99lbs).

This body has hit an out-of-the-park homerun, which was also coincidentally a grand slam.

This body runs weekly and has never taken more than a week off of running in three years.

This body has never, and will never, run a marathon, but is okay with that.

This body has done Moksha hot yoga and pilates.

This body has had many sprained ankles, a few painful bone bruises, two concussions, and sprained ligaments between her first and second vetebraes.

This body has skied all over the Canadian Rockies.

This body has successfully glided across boxes and landed spread eagle jumps off-of table tops in terrain parks at ski resorts.

Ski friends for life!

This body has landed a few 180 spins on skis, (which is also how I sprained my neck!).

This body has skied the Italian Alps and a wee bit of the French Alps.

This body has hiked up some big hills!

This body has hiked around Uluru, or Ayers Rock, and Kata Tjutas, or the Olgas, in the Australian Outback.

 This body has done a massive road trip around Australia, from Cairns up to Darwin, down through the Outback to Adelaide, along the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne, and onto Sydney.

This body has scube dived (dove?) the Great Barrier Reef.

This body has toured around a good chunk of Scotland.

This body has experienced the northern tip of New Zealand’s North Island (and loved it!).

This body has stamps on her passport from the USA, Mexico, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Germany and the countless from the UK.

This body has also visited Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy, but not received passport stamps from those countries, (and doesn’t know why).

This body has seen Jack Johnson in concert in Toronto and Paris.

This body has seen Jamiroquai in concert in Melbourne.

This body has seen the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team play in Edinburgh.

This body has flown on the largest passenger plane to date: the Airbus A380.

This body earned two university degrees.

This body lived in another city and province of Edmonton, Alberta, aside from her home of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This body currently lives in another country besides Canada.

This body will always remain a Canadian citizen, wherever she may live.
This body is a teacher.

This body is 33 years old.

This body will one day carry children, but isn’t ready for that yet, despite its age.

This body has an amazing family of people in Canada, the USA, Germany and Scotland.

This body cooks and bakes some pretty delicious food.

Blueberry shortbread anyone?
How about some beef brisket with creamy white bean mash?

This body has made many fantastic friends from high school, through playing softball, going to two different universities, working at different restaurants, and through many life experiences.

This body played softball for a total of 19 years, and has two silver medals from Canadian Championships as a result.

Calahoo Seniors: I’m top right corner

This body will be running the Balmoral 10km at the end of this month!


 This body puts a lot of pressure on itself, but is dealing with all of that slowly.

This body does yoga and pilates, and has tried barre exercise and CrossFit.

This body really likes stand-up and paddle surfing.

This body is always a work in progress, but….

This body has done some pretty amazing things.

What are the Pros and Cons to your body?

How have you celebrated it?

Let’s tweet about it! ‘Hey @IEat_IRun, the pros and cons of #ThisBody…..’ why not?

With that, This body is hungry and wants its lunch!


15 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of #ThisBody

  1. Wow, Danielle, you certainly do put things into perspective! What an awesome post, thanks for being such an inspiration and a person to look up to. What has this body done indeed!

  2. This was a fantastic post!! I can't wait to be able to say this one someday: This body has hit an out-of-the-park homerun, which was also coincidentally a grand slam.

  3. I thought that I had commented on your post but realized that I never clicked published! Agh. Sorry about that but I absolutely love this post and your take on this topic. I love your perspective and your take on this. There is so much that our bodies are able to do and that's what inspires me all the time – being ABLE.

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