Aviemore Half Marathon training | The Numbers + Final Thoughts

Now that the half marathon is done, the final week of Half Mary Musings posted, and recap written, I can’t help think about the entire process leading up for my first every half marathon.

13.1 miles run
12 weeks of training
84 days
35 training runs
2 races run during training: Forfar 10km, Arbroath 10km

£47 in entry fees: £12 for Forfar, £8 for Arbroath and £27 for Aviemore.
16 blog posts written during this training cycle.
4 training partners at varying times: Pat, Amy, Wendy and Kelly
 1 pre-race experiment

£105 spent on new gear during this training cycle: two pairs of Under Armour compression tights (£22.50 each), and a new pair of running shoes (£60). 

£75 spent on gear after the race: my new 2XU compression tights! Worth every penny! 
 1 workout at proper interval pace (week 10).
191 BPM = the highest maximum heart rate reached during training
5 the total number of times I spit on myself during a run these last 12 weeks. This also only started happening during half marathon training, probably because I was getting faster 😉
1dog bite, grrrrrr!
5 Personal Bests: 10 mile time in training 1:46:xx, 10 mile time during the race 1:40:xx, furthest distance run (11 miles – week 9), half marathon time 2:09:47, half marathon distance of 13.1!

Countless times where I typed ‘marathong’ only to have to edit it. Subliminal typing at it’s best!

4 black/dark purple toe nails. I won’t post any more toe photos!

4 incidents of chafing

1 purchase of Body Glide to prevent said chafing  

84 servings from my bottle of Matrix Nutrition Multi-Vits, from my friends at Supplement Centre. I’m confident these puppies helped me go injury-free and illness-free during this training cycle. I’d take one each morning with my smoothie, pretty simple. They’re an optimal multivitamin and mineral supplement engineered for active individuals like moi, and contain an ultra-potent formula which provides the entire recommended daily allowance for micro nutrient support.

 This time last year, I had a horrible pain in my right side and experienced burning sensations or constant aches in my right heel. I was frustrated, but persevered. I was also doing far less in terms of mileage. Combine half marathon training with a balanced diet, good multi-vitamins, sleep and rest, and you get a good, healthy, injury- and illness-free runner! Thanks Supplement Centre and thanks body!

5 workouts that I misread 
1 ab programme that I found and liked and did!
0 times I did yoga this training cycle
17 workouts with the word ‘threshold’ in it     

6 workouts of continuous hills

198.55 miles run altogether

33:33:02 time spent running

9,122 feet elevation gain

5.9 mph = average speed per run

168 bpm = average heart rate 

23, 871 calories burned

2 cans of maple syrup baked beans from Mom

1 cool race t-shirt

1 race buff

3 medals
This is one is by far the prettiest!
Too many to count
Words of support and encouragement from family, friends, and blends. 
Thank you everyone!


Why am I making such a big deal out of 13.1 you ask? You have to understand that I never thought I’d run a half marathon! I resorted myself to being a 10km runner, but now, after having run many 10km’s, I’ve actually come to hate that distance and LOVE the 13.1 miles that is the half marathon. You have time to warm up, time to get into a steady pace, time to make a move, time to progress. You have time! And, believe it or not, this time helps to still my mind of all the ridiculous negative race talk, helps me enjoy the moment, and actually makes the race go by quickly! (although I may think differently after a few more half’s!). I’ve never considered myself a serious runner: I haven’t run multiple marathons like my blog friends Rachel, Hyedi, and Amy, never mind do an Ironman Triathlon like Erin! I was happy to read their training posts and marathon recaps, and sat back in my 10km comfort zone. To me, a half marathon was my marathon, was my ironman. Then, I did the Bum Belly Blast programme, and my outlook changed. I ran further than I ever thought I could, I ran faster than I ever thought I could, and I became a fitter and stronger runner. This improvement in fitness and stamina lead to an improvement in confidence, so much so, that I entered Aviemore. And the rest, as you know, is history.

Do you take mult-vitamins? What brand is your favourite?

What’s your favourite kind of race schwag?

7 thoughts on “Aviemore Half Marathon training | The Numbers + Final Thoughts

  1. What an achievement, Danielle! You deserve to be proud of yourself … and this post is a great summary of the hard work that went into it all! Big hug ti ye! xxx

  2. Fun! Love the breakdown of numbers! Your training was awesome 🙂 Believe in yourself, and you can do anything! The mind is a powerful thing.

    Congrats again, girl!

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