Currently Speaking

I’m taking a page from Hyedi and writing my own post on what I’m currently doing, reading, liking, planning.

Current Outdoor Clothing

Without a doubt, my Izas microdown jacket. I’ve been wearing it everyday in this now crisp November temperatures, and it’s kept me toasty warm. A steal of a deal from SportPursuit for only £35 (about $57 USD)!

Current Piece of Technology

My brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that I recently got on an upgrade. It’s amazing! And it’s got the prettiest cover ever:


Current Cookbook

The RunnersWorld Cookbook, without a doubt! I’ve already made about five recipes and they’re all amazing. Every runner should have this book in their collection, and if you’re a UK / European runner, I would suggest investing in a set of US cups, as that’s what the book’s measurements are in.


Current Breakfast

Along with my usual coffee and smoothie, I’ve added in a Hummingbird Muffin, a brilliant recipe from the RW cookbook. They’re moist, they’re delicious and they’re only 257 calories per muffin.

Current Craving

This Asian Chicken Salad with Soba Noodles, another recipe from the cookbook. I made this earlier this week and feasted on leftovers for a few days later. It’s delicious.

Current Art
I bought this set of 4 postcards in a Grassmarket boutique in Edinburgh for only £10. I got them framed and I now just need to hang the picture on the wall.
Current Culinary Breakthrough
Slowcooked, homemade, unsweetened applesauce! Applesauce in UK grocery stores seems to be something different: more of a sweetened, apple pie-like sauce that you would use for pork chops, very different to the applesauce that we know in North America. The RW cookbook (a bit life-changing for me, really), uses applesauce in their baking recipes. For me to make these recipes, I needed to make applesauce. Thankfully, my landscape gardener husband has a client who grows their own apples, organic of course. He collected a bucket full of apples that had already fallen off the tree and brought them home. I peeled and cored them, chopped them up, chucked them in the slowcooker, along with some nutmeg, 5 cloves and cinnamon, and filled the slowcooker half full of water. I set it on high and cooked the apples for about 5 hours. This yielded two large jars of applesauce: one which is in the fridge, the other in the freezer. Great for baking, smoothies, cereal, and any other natural, wholesome snacks.
Current Gluttony
Wednesday, my sister-in-law Erica and her month-old baby girl Mae (my niece!), came over for an afternoon of baking. We had a brilliant time, and were very productive! From the photo below, starting from the bottom going clockwise: we made chocolate roulade, low calorie Victoria Sponge cupcakes with icing, Sweet Marie Bars, RW cookbook Chocolate Oatmeal cookies, and Walnut Cheddar Apple loaf. We’re hoping to get together to do some Christmas baking soon!
Current Basking
Basking in the fun that was last night’s running group Christmas dinner. We went for a meal at the Indian restaurant in Laurencekirk and had some great conversation and laughs over delicious Indian food. It’s great to have friends (and now a husband) that run.
Current Change
This will be my last post as a blog hosted by Blogger. I’ve taken the jump and switched over to WordPress. I had been contemplating a move for quite some time, and last week, when one of the referring sites in my stats started with ‘porno,’ that cemented my decision to move. I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to the blog from Russia, the Ukraine and now Germany, however no one was commenting, and all the referring sites that were used to access the blog just seemed off. It all didn’t seem right. I was also getting regular spam comments, another thing I don’t want to deal with. You’ll notice I’ve deleted much of the things on my sidebar, and in a few weeks, I’ll delete the Blogger blog altogether. My new blog address is:
I even prefer the URL! I’m on Bloglovin too, just a different URL.  I’m not 100% happy with the look of the blog, (I much prefer the free, creative control one gets with Blogger), but I’ll get there. See you on the other side!

16 thoughts on “Currently Speaking

    • Thanks Erin! I’m slowly familiarizing myself with WP, there’s a lot of features I really like so far. For the applesauce, I forgot to put that after the 5 hours, you use a potato masher and mash it up. So easy, don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier!

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