#streaks and #challenges over the holidays

The problem with December is that it’s such a hectic month, isn’t it? With Christmas, and all that it encapsulates, our routines go out the window.  It’s a challenge to stick to regular eating and exercise regimens in December as every type of indulgence is practically in our face all the time: treats at work, drinks with colleagues, appetizers at parties, big family dinners. The food follows us. And exercise? Again, when our routine is all over the place, it’s difficult to stick to that structure. To sum it all up, it’s all a challenge!

December and the holidays aside, another challenge that I face as a blogger is that I want to increase my audience. I want more people reading this humble blog. It seems that one surefire way to get this done is for me to spend a lot of time on social media. I need to tweet on Twitter, instapost photos on Instagram, and keep spreading the word, all day, every day. But I don’t like living my life all over social media. I often wonder what kind of life those that constantly tweet live? Are they one of those people with their nose in their phone all the time? The type that sits in a busy restaurant, oblivious to their company? These are stereotypes, of course, but my blog roll features many bloggers trying to get away from the constant socialising over social media, more that want to be in the moment.  It seems while they’re trying to pull away from that time-consuming engine, I’m trying to make an effort to use it more. While I refuse to join Pinterest, and have no plans of starting a LinkedIn or Tumblr account, the least I could do is tweet more than twice a week, right? And if I’m going to share more over social media, I might as well get creative with it.

What better way to overcome these many challenges than to face them head on? This is where the #streaks and #challenges come in. My exerise #challenge over the holidays is to do the Runner’s World 2013 Holiday Running Streak: I will run at least one mile a day, every day, from American Thanksgiving to the New Year. And I will tweet about it on Twitter using #RWrunstreak. Check out my progress since Friday below:

Click on any post to follow me on Twitter, or check out my right sidebar for my daily tweets. And apparently, I did Day 3 twice 😉

I’ll also take on another #challenge: a photo challenge. The Travelettes, some pretty cool ladies that travel all over the world, all the time, have started an Instagram challenge for December 2013, the Happy Holiday Edition.

Each day features a different theme for your photo, and how you interpret and present that theme is up to you. Yesterday’s theme was ‘Season of Love’ so I enthusiastically posted two photos with #dailytravelette:


Our first batch of Christmas cards from family


Doggy love by the fire

Day 2 (today) was all about ‘Make a Wish;’ I wished that all this laundry, mostly running clothes from the #RWrunstreak, would dry itself! This is when not having a tumble dryer is a pain.


Believe it or not, this isn’t my first set of #streaks and #challenges I’ve done lately. Last month, I did the 30 day plank challenge, and went from a shaky thirty second plank to a solid two minute plank! And I still keep it up, just because I like the challenge.

It seems I’m not the only blogger trying something new and challenging herself: Andrea, over at On a Fun Run, is also doing a few fitness challenges. Good luck!

Are you doing the #RWrunstreak or #dailytravelette challenges?

What’s your favourite type of challenge?

What do you do to stick to your healthy regimen over the holidays?

Do you like the snow?


14 thoughts on “#streaks and #challenges over the holidays

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Good luck with your challenges and streaks. I’m inspired by the success of your plank challenge and hope mine goes just as well!

  2. Way to go with the start of your streak! I’d love to do a photo challenge one year, but I don’t think my body would like a run challenge 🙂
    So do you have to air dry all your clothes? I air dry all active gear, but not much of my other stuff!

    • Thanks Abby! I’ve done another IG challenge before, wasn’t on the ball with it though.

      Yes, we air dry all our clothes, either outside when the sun’s out (even in winter if it’s mild), or on the rack inside. We hope to move to a larger house one day, that will have a hot cupboard: a closet that houses your boiler, and is therefore hot, so you can dry your clothes in there. Our current hot cupboard is only accessible from outside!

  3. Is it too late to start the photo challenge? I’ve seen like 5 different ones on instagram, but I like this one!

    And yeah, being successful at blogging/social media really takes a full time job effort. Fun for awhile, but easy to get into a habit of spending too much time living for the blog/twitter. I’m loving instagram because it is fast and visual!

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