#streaks and #challenges over the holidays: update

Three weeks ago,  I told you about how I’d be participating in the #RWrunstreak running challenge and the Travelettes #dailytravelette Holiday Instagram Challenge.  I thought it would be a great way to keep up my running over the festive period and to increase my social networking audience over Twitter and Instagram, plus take some cute and interesting photos. In the process, I learned a few things.

Running every day can get interesting, especially if you’re away for work

I had a very last-minute two-day work trip that took me to the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport. Although the website claimed the hotel had a fitness centre, where I could run on the treadmill after our sessions, when I actually went to do a workout, I discovered this was in fact false advertising. To stick to my #RWrunstreak, I ran a mile around Glasgow Airport: the parking lots, the paved walks, the front of the airport itself. It was a bit strange, but interesting enough, really good! Two days made for two easy miles amidst weary travellers.


DAy 3: Curl Up with a Book.. a zombie love story. In your hotel room


DAy 4: Red and Green Starbucks cup from the Starbucks IN MY HOTEL!!!! For Daniel instead though

Sometimes, you get really desperate for photos

The best part about photo challenges is that they make you think outside the box. Yes, you could be literal when the theme for day 15  is ‘Wrapping paper / Wrap it up’ and photograph your Christmas wrapping paper, or you could look at ‘Wrap it Up’ in another way, like when I took a #selfie of my friend Amy and I, wrapped up in our winter running headgear, out on a chilly Sunday morning run.



DAy 19: Like ice in the Sunshine… uhh, just like this glass Christmas ornament from a student. This is what happens when you do all your photographing at night, in a place where there is no snow

Running everyday leads to #runger

That good old friend that pops up during longer distance training, the one that makes you hungry at times you’ve never been hungry before, like between breakfast and my morning snack, and just before bedtime. Of course, I need to satiate my appetite, so I turned to healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts, or a wheat cereal with fruit. As a result of #RWrunstreak, and some smarter, healthier eating on my part, I lost about 5 pounds!

My delicious Asian Chicken Salad from the Runner’s World cookbook:


Running everyday drastically increases your weekly mileage. Who knew?

The two weeks I was doing #RWrunsteak, my mileage went up to 20+miles! This is big for me, they only time I’ve had mileage that high is during my half marathon training. I’m still doing longer runs every Sunday with friends, so that distance (8 miles), plus my normal runs (2 x 4-5 miles), plus four days of 1 mile each ad up.

I also began to look at running in a different way as well: rather than being very rigid with my schedule and when I got my miles in, I rationalised that while I missed my usual Tuesday night 4+ mile run due to being away for work, I still ran four miles altogether that work week. Rather than getting the miles in all at once, I spread it out.

Running everyday hurts. Even at easy pace.

I never had to deal with heavy legs from running everyday, but my hip pain, which was virtually non-existent a few months ago, has flared up, and I’m blaming it on the run streak. As a result, I tweeted this last Friday:

While I’m a bit disappointed to give up, I know that it’s for the best. I want 2014 to be an even better, even faster year of running, so I need to take it easy in my off-season. Instead, I’ve been planking and yoga-ing, trying to loosen up my hips and back, and also continuing to work on my core strength. It’s all worth it!


Day 9: At least I got to show of my hardware for the year

Off to bed to find some Day 18: Coziness


Have you had to call it quits on something due to injury?

What’s your most obscure photo challenge interpretation?


9 thoughts on “#streaks and #challenges over the holidays: update

  1. Your photos have been so fun to follow (that salad looks delicious and sweet hardware!)! Good for your for listening to your body and resting. Running is awesome, but cross training and yoga are great because they help keep injury at bay. Have a wonderful Christmas, Danielle! 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, I can relate. I’ve never been able to finish an entire #RWrunstreak because injury started creeping in. I’m just not meant to run every day! I love your photo interpretations! I sometimes fall into the “too literal” trap but do my best to think outside of the box!

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