Oh the places we will go in 2014!

In running news, these new jade beauties arrived in the mail this week:


Out with the old and in with the new

And to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, Oh the places they will go this year!Β  I’ve already entered three races in 2014, all of them taking place between now and the end of May:

Smokies 10 mile women’s race – My first time doing the race, and my second time running a 10 mile race. I think I like this distance. My friend Wendy and I entered way back in November, and good thing too: it filled up within weeks, like it always does. We’re currently training for this race, doing tempo runs, hill work and long runs leading up to March 2nd. And we get a t-shirt too πŸ™‚

Stenna Drilling Tartan 10km a.k.a. Balmoral 10km – My second attempt at running up the monster of a hill, and hopefully this time, I’ll finish under an hour. My fitness has significantly improved since last year’s race, so hopefully the two mentioned goals won’t be out of reach. Pat, as well as Amy, Andy and Kelly from running group are also running this race. It is also full, and filled up even quicker than last year. April 26th is marked on the calendar. We get another t-shirt for this race too.

EMF Half Marathon – My second 13.1 and my second Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) race. I had a dismal EMF 10km three years ago, and again, I hope to erase those negative memories with a strong second half marathon. This course is also downhill, like Aviemore, but hopefully this time, my knees won’t hurt so much. Pat is also doing this one, and Amy and Wendy will lose their half marathon virginity with this race. Glad I’ll be there with them May 25th to finish the race, and get another race t-shirt.

Yes, while Rachel is a Medal Slut, I have fully become a t-shirt slut.

There will be plenty more races in 2014, maybe not ten like last year though. I think I’ll run the Montrose 10km again this year because, with its flat course, it’s a guaranteed PR. I’d like to do Aviemore again, and my Mom is visiting in October, so maybe we can make it a race getaway. If not Aviemore, then maybe the Crathes half in September. After that, who knows?

In eating news, I’ve got one major goal I want to tackle in 2014: I want to learn more about nutrition and what food can do for us. I want to learn how to maximise the ingredients we use and to get the most from them, like using the entire egg in these Mini Vegetable Fritatas because the yellows protect your eyes and promote brain health.


I want to limit the amount of refined ingredients we use and continue to make changes to the foods we eat. We’ve joined a co-operative food group where we can order bulk nuts, seeds, nut butters, jumbo oats, and any other health foods we need. They also sell Clif Bars, my pre-race energy food of choice.


And whatever I can’t get from the group, I’ll buy from Amazon, like these 1kg tubs of Meridian peanut butter and six-pack of tahini (sesame seed paste).


I also want to continue to make healthy food choices, like making ALL the recipes from my Runner’s World cookbook, (a definite investment for any runner), including this Caramelised Onion, Fig and Goat Cheese pizza:


And this blueberry-oatmeal recovery shake, which will come in handy post-Smokies 10, the weekend before we begin half marathon training.


As a result of eating smart, making better ingredient choices and cooking foods in healthier ways, I’ve lost about 4kg since half marathon training ended in October. Part of the weight loss is that I’ve finished training (believe it or not, half marathon and marathon training does not equal losing weight), but also because of smarter food choices. This RW cookbook is totally helping!

2014 will be another fantastic year because of what I put into it. I will continue to run faster and stronger, with a healthy diet of whole foods and supplementary yoga to help body, mind, and my running form. Pat and I are looking forward to Alicia and AndrΓ©’s visit in April, and my Mom’s visit in October. We don’t have any continental travel plans just yet, but then again, last year’s traveling evolved as the year went on, so who knows where we will go!

In the meant time, I will keep cooking, baking healthy treats, running, skiing and rock climbing, something we started after losing our bouldering virginity in Berlin.


We’ve since taken climbing courses, and went down to Ratho to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena for Pat’s birthday a few weekends ago.


That’s me at the very top!

Β  What are your favourite healthy foods?

What races have you entered in 2014?


13 thoughts on “Oh the places we will go in 2014!

  1. Ha ha, I can’t deny that’s what I’m after. But since you mention natural food stuffs – question: Do you know of anywhere in the ‘shire that sells corn flour? Not the ‘cornflour’ stuff that’s used as a thickening agent and is in every supermarket to mock me, but flour madde from corn than I can make cornbread/corn tortillas with?? Because I’m not overly keen on buying bags of flour online.

    Also – I wish I’d taken a photo of my beautiful new trail shoes before Saaturday, because they are well and truly soiled now. Maybe I just need to buy another pair….

    • Taking a photo of new shoes BEFORE wearing them is a must! As for your flour, is it maize flour you’re looking for? Would your friendly neighbourhood Nature’s Larder have it? Worth a jaunt. If not, I strongly suggest ordering online. I’ve ordered the nut butters, seed mix, coconut oil, quinoa, hemp oil, energy gels/beans/blox/bars online and have never had any issues. If you want bulk quantities of maize flour (like 25 kg or 6x500g), I can get you some. In April πŸ™‚

      • You know – I have never tried Nature’s Larder, because it’s so small that I figured they wouldn’t have it. I’ll check this week. Otherwise, I could wait until April. Where you headed?? πŸ˜›

      • Nature’s Larder is chock full of everything, literally floor to ceiling! We go there for our health food buys, but since joining this food co-op, that might change. No big travel plans for April unfortunately, but that’s when the next co-op order is, and the co-op sells bags of Maize flour. I could order for you, deliver and you pay me back.

  2. That RW cookbook sounds good. I think I might look into that. Have you also come across Go Faster Food by Kate Percy? It has some nice flapjack and recovery bar recipes.
    As you know, I have several races on the cards this year, mainly my marathons, but I suspect there will be more to come. I keep coming across races I fancy entering but I need to make sure that anything else I do will fit around my training plans. I do plan to run some 5k races on my summer trip to Florida again though. I love taking part in those!

  3. I am only signed up for two races in 2014 so far, but am planning to sign up for another this week and need to pick a spring half! I also really want to learn to climb and should get on it! We have a few places nearby to go, I just need to actually do it!

    • Climbing is so much fun and a great workout. It’s scary at first, especially if you’re like me and scared of heights. The challenge is amazing though, very exhilirating and such a feeling of success.

      Good luck with your races, looking forward to reading about them πŸ™‚

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