You know you’re a runner if…


Allison recently posted this to my Facebook wall as a result of both of us complaining musing about the weather we seem to encounter on our Sunday runs. It seems every Sunday, bar today actually, the weather has been windy or rainy or cold, or windy-rainy-cold. Regardless, though, we’ve been out, every Sunday.

This got me thinking, what else do I do that is run-centric? Once you start thinking about it, it’s quite interesting to see how much running affects your life.

You know you’re a runner if…

Your choice of underwear is determined by whether you’re running that night.

You know the back roads and trails in a 7 mile radius around your house, not because you drive them, but because they’re featured in your long runs.

Your alarm is set to 7:30 am on a Sunday.

Your drawer of tops has more running tops than casual/work/other tops in it.

You could wear spandex and running clothes all the time.

You need to check to see if you’re running a race the weekend someone asks you to do something.

Your friends, family, colleagues always ask about your running.

You love hills. Seriously.

You feel comfortable to go sans-makeup in front of your friends. Who wears makeup for a long run?

You share stories of stomach discomfort and/or farts with running friends. Happens to us all, right?

You fart in front of your running friends.

You use a variety of expletives to get up that f-ing hill! And to make that hill your bitch!

You read running blogs, running websites, books, magazines, etc, etc.. Knowledge is power, right?

You have a vast and colourful collection of athletic shoes.

You have a vast and colourful collection of athletic clothes.

Your everyday watch has G-A-R-M-I-N on it and GPS functioning.

You’ve learned (*hopefully*) that running is a competition with oneself and not with others.

You have some aches, pains or niggles but that doesn’t stop you from getting out there.

You’re constantly challenging yourself and pushing the boundaries.

You inspire others by being you.

You use mantras: Make space between I can and I can’t. Clear this f-ing hill! Bum Belly Blast!

You simply love it.

How do you know you’re a runner?

What’s your mantra?



7 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner if…

  1. I am a new runner, but today had a really runner-ish thought- ‘Oh good, the clocks have gone forward, that means it will be lighter on my evening runs’.
    Anna x

  2. This is awesome! Runners are definitely a weird breed to outsiders, made more evident after reading a list like this one!
    You know you’re a runner when your celebrity crushes are athletes instead of hollywood stars.
    My mantra is ‘drop the hammer’. Kelly would always say it to me when we trained for our first triathlons, especially at the end of a bike when I’d be tiring! I say it to myself in races all. the. time!

    • Oooh, definitely! The only male athlete crush I have is Dan Carter from the NZL All Blacks, but I think Lauren Fleshman is one cool lady.

      We definitely are weird, mantras, quirks and all!

  3. …when the most expensive shoes you own are running shoes!
    …when you insert the word “only” before a distance other people think is crazy (only 6 miles today!)
    …when you think energy gels are a food group!

    Haha I love posts like these. In fact, I’ve been thinking of doing an updated one as I haven’t written one like this in ages!

    My mantra is ” I can, I am, I’m strong”. Suspect I’ll be needing it a few times next weekend!

    • Definitely, but you’re training has gone so incredibly well. Plus, you’ll be in your favourite city, you’ll be high as a kite!

      I love your contributions, you should definitely write your own post too.

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