Kicking the sugar addiction: a follow-up + Changes to how I feel

I’ve received a lot of great feedback and blog visits from my last post, thanks so much everyone!

I reread the post, because I do that, and I clearly was fading away as the post went on. There’s a few bits of information I forgot to add in, and some points I need to clarify. A little housekeeping if you will:

– With regards to leptin and ghrelin, both are also affected by sleep. If we consistently get 8 or more hours a night, our levels should be normal, therefore having a positive affect on leptin and ghrelin levels, keeping them normal. If you get less than 8 hours, that can also play with your levels, and cause the more frequent hunger, cravings, and suppressed feelings of fullness. A fact of adult life is that we don’t get enough sleep. And most of us continue to gain weight. Carbs and sugar aside, maybe your sleep is also needing an overhaul. I know I’m guilty of not getting enough sometimes.

– Leptin and ghrelin again: you may be one of those extremely active people who exercises everyday, or frequently, to very high intensity, doing some major calorie burning, all in the name of losing weight. If your leptin and ghrelin levels are out of wack, no amount of exercise, no matter how intense or long it is, will matter. People who switch to a ‘well-formulated’ ketogenic diet, as Maria says, lose weight without exercising at all. Just a walk in the evening, if anything. Some people have asked if I’ve hit the gym and that’s how I lost 7kg (15 lbs, or 1 stone 1); if you’re a dedicated I Eat Therefore I Run reader, you’ll know the only thing I’ve changed is what I eat.

– Bulletproof coffee is made with 1 tbsp butter + 1 tbsp coconut OIL. I ALWAYS forget to write oil at the end: I’ve been guilty over social media as well, leaving people confused.

– After my after-school snack, I would have another little bit to eat before going for a run. In total, I ate 5-6 times a day! And don’t think that’s healthy and will get my metabolism going, because that’s a huge nutrition myth. Eating 3 times a day compared to 5-6 makes no difference at all to your metabolism.

– I got rid of all types of flour, white and WHOLEGRAIN, not wheat. Wheat is what was used to make both flours!

– Another item to add to your LCHf shopping list is sugar-free stock cubes. Yes, stock cubes contain sugar. For the life of me, I can’t find any stock cubes that don’t contain some form of sugar or blood sugar raising carb.

– Finally, fat and protein fill you up much quicker than carbs do, and they leave you feeling satisfied for longer, a result of normal leptin and ghrelin levels πŸ˜‰

All amendments have been made to the original post.

Moving along…

Many people switch to a ketogenic or paleo way of eating because they have some major health issues, perhaps in their gut, in their thyroid, or they have diabetes. I did it purely for cosmetic reasons, thinking ‘I don’t have any major health issues or food intolerances.’ Since adopting an elimination approach – as recommended by both low-carb, high-fat diets – elimintating all gluten, soy, grains and sugar, I’ve noticed some major changes in how I feel throughout the day. What I thought were just facts of a stressed, adult life were in fact signs of what sugar, and possibly grains and gluten, were doing to my body.


Before and after: the only photos wearing the same clothes that I could find.

Before I was hungry, famished, stomach growling, feeling lethargic, all the time! And to satiate that hunger, I ate 5-6 times a day. It was actualy really annoying and puzzling, but now I know why it was happening.

After I’m barely ever hungry, and if I am, the hunger pangs aren’t nearly as strong as they used to be. I now only eat 3 times a day and never feel like I need more.

Before I used to have cravings for anything and everything: Pepsi, beef, cake, pizza,bread, gummy candies, etc.

After I don’t experience any cravings. It’s incredible what eliminating sugar does for you.

*p.s. if you crave chocolate intensely, it’s a sign of a magnesium deficiency. Get that checked out.

Before I’d often have a sickly sweet aftertaste in my mouth from the high carb content I was eating.

After There is no sweet aftertaste, unless I’ve actually eaten something sweet, but not even.

Before Pepsi and other very sweet foods weren’t that sweet to me.

After Now mayo and natural Ranch dressing are sweet to me! It seems like cigarettes, sugar can affect your taste buds too. I’ve read that once you’ve been off sugar for a while, and you eat something with larger quantities of sugar, it will taste sickly sweet to you.

Before I would get the late afternoon blahs: tired, low blood sugar, and brain fog. I wasn’t productive at all, and my mind wasn’t clear.

After My mind is clear all day long, no matter how stressful things get. This past week at work has everyone very tired and strained due to our upcoming inspection next week; I was able to work all day long with a clear, fresh mind, and deal with the stress and issues effectively. I was even bossing around the bosses, who were sleep-deprived, full of caffeine and couldn’t think straight.

Before I would get a tension headache every day after school.

After No Headaches.

Before By the end of the day, my teeth felt hairy, dirty.

After My teeth feel much cleaner when I brush them before bed.

Before Although I didn’t know it, I was bloated all the time from over eating or eating too much starch. I always felt like I had a brick in my stomach after meals.

After No more bloat and no more brick! I feel full, but not to the extent I felt before.

Before I had a horrible case of eczema on my middle finger, so bad it was raw and itchy, and my skin was constantly peeling off. Despite taking Omega Oil supplements, my skin was no better. Stress was to blame.

After My eczema has cleared up to the point where it’s almost gone! My skin is not nearly as itchy anymore, and I haven’t had a break out. It did flare up a bit once I started eating more dairy, but I’ve since cut down on it as I read that dairy and gluten are both causes for eczema. I’m also going through an incredibly stressful time at work.

Clearly, what I ate made a huge difference to how I feel. If you experience any of the before’s I did, you may want to start looking at your diet rather than blaming it on adult life. We are what we eata phrase usuallly used in the context of if you eat poorly, you are therefore overweight – should be something we should all think about: the way we feel is directly linked to what we eat, whether your overwight, athletic build or long and lean. We can heal ourselves with the right foods. And the right science.


9 thoughts on “Kicking the sugar addiction: a follow-up + Changes to how I feel

    • It is! I had an eczema flare-up leading up to the race because I was eating grains and I had sugar during the race. It’s going away again though πŸ™‚ And the sugar was not good at all πŸ˜›

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