Paleo Pancakes (primal, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Yesterday, I shared my recipe for Primal Chilli con Carne, which, prior to leaving for our camping trip to the Isle of Mull, I froze and used as an extra ice pack in my cooler / cool box to chill our food as we traveled across Scotland, hopped on a ferry, drove some more and set up camp in Mull. Yes, that dish was prepared at home, not on a campfire, which is totally acceptable in camping preparation. Fidden Farm, where we camped, had a freezer where ideally camper’s could put their gel blocks and ice packs to freeze, and then use in their coolers during the day. Some people used this to keep their premade dishes, like Bolognese Sauce, soup or stew, frozen to then thaw one day while away. Pretty clever if you ask me 😉

When full out camping, without the access to a kitchen and all its luxuries, you can still cook and eat primal, and in quite a delicious way. Take our breakfasts for instance: we had instant espresso (bulletproof for me), bacon / sausage and eggs with avocado, one morning we had fried mackerel (which I’ll speak about in tomorrow’s post), and we made the most amazing 3-ingredient, Paleo pancakes!

I was first introduced to this recipe by my friend Alicia, when her and her boyfriend André visited back in April. Alicia adopted a paleo lifestyle at the start of this year and taught me about it and its benefits. I won’t divulge any more information from her or about her because she’s going to be doing a guest post on her primal journey soon!

IMG_20140420_145035As I was trying to figure out what primal meals to eat while camping, this recipe came to mind. It’s made with easy ingredients that most people have in their house, and we would be taking all the ingredients with us anyway, why not make them?

Alicia’s Paleo Pancakes

*serves 1

1 banana

1 egg

1 tbsp natural almond butter – or if not strict paleo, natural peanut butter or orther nut butter of your choice

1 tbsp butter, ghee or coconut oil

*Side note before I begin: I realise that natural nut butters (or ‘nutters’ as I always seem to initially type), can get expensive, especially when you use them often like Pat and I do. Why not pop over to The Detoxinista for a recipe on how to make your own almond butter? I remember my mom making her own peanut butter when I was little, so I was keen to have a go at my own almond butter. This was by far the easiest, most rewarding  and incredibly delicious recipe I’ve ever made – it’s honestly better than store-bought health food brands. All you need is almonds and a food processor.

IMG_20140707_193100Back to the pancakes Danielle….

1. Heat your (cast iron) griddle to medium. Or, if camping, heat your frying pan to medium heat on your camping stove.

2. Peel and mash the banana in a small bowl. Crack the egg into the bowl. Add the almond butter and mix well until the almond butter lumps disappear.


Clearly, this batch was done at home

3. Melt your fat of choice onto the griddle. Pour the batter onto the griddle; I make 2 pancakes this way. When we were camping, we made 1 huge pancake in a frying pan.

4. When the pancake starts to look cooked on the outside edges, and has many bubbles forming on the top, flip it. Let cook for a few more minutes; you’ll know it’s ready when you do the cake test: press down on the thickest part of the pancake and if the surface bounces back, it’s ready. If it stays depressed, leave it to cook a few minutes longer.

5. Serve with topping of your choice. When we were camping, we had it with coconut cream and fresh fruit. Other possibilities include paleo-friendly honey or maple syrup, sugar-free fruit puree, or paleo-friendly chocolate spread. It’s really up to you!

Here’s what the final, ‘roughing it’ result looked like, made using a frying pan, just outside our tent:


The other half of the massive pancake was for Pat

And what the same recipe looks like made at home with a cast iron griddle:

IMG_20140708_094942*This recipe is paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and primal

Nutritional info for pancakes only: 239 kcal, 14g fat, 28g carbs (1g fiber), 8g protein -> sorry not keto!

To increase your fat and protein intake you could serve the pancakes with sausages or bacon, like we did. These are also great before a long run or climbing a Munro, which we did, and keep you quite satisfied until lunch.

And like yesterday’s post, I’ll leave you with a few more teasers of our week on Mull.


The scary face on the island of Staffa


The incredibly cute and tame puffins, also on Staffa


Sunset on Calgary Bay, which is where the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada got is name

   What’s your favourite pancake recipe?

What’s your favourite pancake topping?

What do you make for breakfast when camping?


14 thoughts on “Paleo Pancakes (primal, gluten-free, dairy-free)

    • Ha ha, it’s a strange accident but I like the moniker! I also accidentally type ‘marathong’ instead of marathon, but that’s one term I won’t adopt.

      I don’t have a proper-sized food processor, yet. I’ve got a smaller handblender with many attachments, and the food processor is one of them. A fantastic kitchen tool if you ask me 🙂

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