Bored with ‘just running’

Sometimes in life we get stuck in a rut. A rut at work, in relationships, or recreational (or lack thereof) pursuits. I was in a running rut right. I had been doing the same running programme of speedwork Tuesdays, hill reps Thursdays and long run Sundays since January. I didn’t enjoy the Edinburgh Marathon Festival half the way I thought I would – in my experience, you love your first half and hate the second – and I also just wanted a change in something. While I haven’t discussed it on the blog, Pat and I are looking for a place of our own, and have viewed some houses. It’s a tough process, especially with such an aggressive market where we live (and want to own), and hopefully there will be some progress in that area of our lives soon.

In terms of my job, I know I’m not going to be a teacher forever, I want to do something food-related (obviously!), and lately, I’ve had many friends and family ask me about primal eating and how to get started. I want to turn this into a business and I’ve already got some ideas to get started, I just need the funding and time. It’s something I’m going to keep working at, and maybe later on, when I get through my To Do list of blog posts (yes, I make them), I’ll go into more detail. In the meantime, I’m accepting business investments 😉

I guess I feel a bit stuck, not just in running, but life in general, and I want something to change. I spent my holiday cooking, posting my creations on social media, and blogging. I could easily get used to blogging every day, or second day, but the constraints of full time employment paired with being physically active and cooking/preparing nourishing food for Pat and I definitely get in the way. A solution to this ho-hum feeling is to try something new. Do something that will get me excited and motivated, and help me get to new places, both literally and figuratively.

So, on a whim in June, I did something I’ve never done. I entered this:

IMG_20140613_203130The Try a Triathlon is September 14th, and I’ve got about 6 weeks to swimbikerun my little heart out! The race itself consists of a 300m swim in a lap pool, a 10 mile bike and a 4km run. In isolation, I can do each discipline and distance easily; it’s combining them into one I’m training for. And training has consisted of trying many new things. I also had to buy some new gear!

IMG_20140619_205523Now, rather than staying home Monday nights to blog, I go with Pat to the outdoor saltwater pool in Stonehaven to do laps. I do about 1000m every time I go, with a bit of a warm up and a cool down.

IMG_20140623_201228I also started road cycling. During my summer holiday, Pat’s cousin Alistair let me borrow his Merida road bike, and his wife Lorna let me borrow her cycling shoes to clip in. Let me tell you, I’ve got some serious #bikelove as Erin says. This bike was incredible and so easy to ride!

20140708_115041Pat, being a former teenage mountain bike racer and still hardcore mountain biker, taught me how to clip in and out. Let me just say: I loved being clipped in!

IMG_20140708_115244In the time I had the bike, I went out three times, all wearing my newly purchased reasonably priced K-Swiss tri shorts: 12.5 miles, 8 miles and 23 miles. My running friends are all wanting/buying road bikes now, and we’re looking forward to a day of cycling with a meal somewhere on the route.

I obviously need to buy my own road bike, but my funds are a bit tight right now. I’ll be looking to Gum Tree most likely for a second-hand one to start, then go from there. In the mean time, I get to ride this retro Raleigh Clubman. Notice the gears are attached to the frame, not the handle bars.

20140625_212436I rode this thing Friday night, and after 16 easy miles, my neck, back and hands hurt. It needs some majoring adjusting. Or I just need a new bike.

In running news, I have taken things off road quite literally. Running up Ben More on Mull changed how I felt about running dramatically for me. It opened up a door that is going to be wide open for a long time: I. Love. Hill. Running.

IMG_20140716_194222I’m usually good with maintaining my running motivation by entering races, buying new gear, ortrying a new programme or new race distance, but none of those piqued my interest in the slightest. Running / power walking up Ben More then running down made me realise I had a whole running world I hadn’t even considered. Until now. I’ve taken up fell running, or hill running, where I run / power walk up a large peak and run / prance down. It’s a killer workout on the quads and makes me feel like I’m working all my muscles. With road running, I feel like I’m working my lungs and that’s it. Lately running looks like one peak a week:

IMG_20140707_201831We’ve run up Clachnaben twice now, and while it’s a challenge, where I need to power walk up certain sections, it’s so exhilirating to run down. And I feel like I’m really working my body and challenging it in ways it’s never been before.


View from the top of Clachnaben

I also do one run a week now on very hilly landrover tracks – which are packed gravel roads – a few miles from my house. And clearly, if I now run on new surfaces, I’ll obviously have to buy new shoes!

IMG_20140708_173515At first, I wasn’t crazy about the look of my Salomon Speedcross 3’s, but they perform so well on the trails and hills! They’re snug on my feet but not tight, they cushion my heel for running down landrover tracks, and their grips for running uphill work so well. I do love them, even though they break my secret rule of abstaining from pink shoes,

20140710_200418I also love running trails and hills because it’s widened my running radius and I’ve had a chance to see new places up close.



I’m not going to lie, trail running and hill running is more difficult than road running, and I always stop to power walk up the big hills. But hopefully, in time, that will change.

Screenshot_2014-06-23-22-25-28You could say that while in some ways life needs to change (and I’m working on those), I’ve made some changes that I can control and I’m loving the new challenges. Swimming, cycling, trail running and hill running have all made me feel happy in new ways, and while I was feeling my friendship with running was strained, it’s now awesome again.


There is one more change I’m making to my life and it’s this blog. The blog started as a way to document my running pursuits while cooking, baking and eating anything and everything I wanted, thinking running alone would maintain my weight. I now know that you can’t out run a bad diet, and have changed my ways. You may have already noticed I changed the template for my blog – I may play around with it still for while, I’ll see. The problem lies more with the name of this blog: it no longer fits. It’s time for a name change. I want my blog title to reflect my primal eating and trail/hill running while still keeping the same website address. This is where I put things in your hands. I’m not quite sure what the title of the blog should be, but I’ve got two ideas:

#1 Primal I Eat, Hard I Run

#2 Eat Primal, Run Hard

Both are good in their own way and that’s why I’m stuck. I’m leaving it to you readers to vote for the one you prefer. Please leave a comment below with your vote, and I’ll make a decision by the end of the week!

Have you ever done a triathlon before?

Do you like fell running/hill running?

What road bike make do you recommend?

Don’t forget to vote!


23 thoughts on “Bored with ‘just running’

    • LOL! You’re right though, almost a bit too deep but I still like it. I’m worried option #2 is like many other blogs out there that follow the 3-word ‘Eat Pray Love’ format, or similar to the Instagram accounts that list what the user does with one-word sentences only.

      The shoes were such a good buy!

      • Your blog, your decision, I guess. 🙂 I only really consider the name of mine when people come up and ask if I’m “blog name”, which can be quite forward sounding. 😛

        We’ll need to do Clachanben at some point this summer. Even an evening since it stays light quite late.

  1. Good for you! One of the (many) things I love about you is that you make things happen! You’re even making me want to give the whole triathlon another shot! (OK, mayyybe I wouldn’t go that far!)

    I vote #2!

    • Ahhhh Hyedi!!!!! What an amazing comment! It brought tears to my eyes, thank you. Now this makes me look forward to our one-day Parka meal even more!!!!

      I will follow your journey, wherever you go, whatever you do ❤

  2. Okay, I’m obviously going against the mass here, but I prefer option one.

    And you are so amazing! I sadly hate swimming, but I could totally get down with a biathlon! (Wait, that was in my Swype… it’s that a real thing?)

    And the hill running sounds amazing! Though I think I will just stick to hiking for now…. 😀

    • Haha! Biathlon is a real thing: cross-country skiing and shooting, think Winter Olympics. I think you mean duathlon: cycling and running.

      Thanks for your comment, and your vote!

  3. You’re exactly right… the answer to feeling stuck / ho-hum is to change it up, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. So awesome you’re signed up for a tri! And, hills… that’s where life happens 🙂 (I wrote a post on hills once; aren’t they fun?!) Blog name number two gets my vote… it’s got a bit more snap to it!

  4. Option 2 for me. Sharp, neat and punchy does it every time. I’d steer clear of “Primal Run, Eat Hard” though 😉

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