Inform Yourself Friday

After years of reading and following other’s blogs, and more recently, spending hours on the internet reading nutrition blogs and researching information and recipes, I’ve decided to do a *hopefully* weekly review of internet articles, recipes, blogs, quotes and memes I’ve found over the week that I think everyone should real, see and eat. Rather than restricting it to just my personal facebook page – I really should create a page for my blog – and most likely annoying my friends and family with primal thing after primal thing, I’ll be sharing on my blog as well, getting the primal word out there! Here are my favourites this week.

Authority Nutrition’s article on 6 Reasons to Stop Calling Low-Carb a “Fad” Diet: am I ever happy this was written! As a (now hesitant) follower of RunnersWorld magazine on Facebook, I get driven more and more crazy with the amount of false, carbohydrate-related nutritional information they publish on their website that the majority of runners seem to lap up. Many readers then comment that any form of a low-carb diet (paleo, primal, keto, atkins, etc), is nothing but a fad. I’ve also read some articles about how very little of the population is in fact gluten intolerant, and many people follow nothing but a fad diet. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There is evidence dating back to the 1800’s of the successful implementation of carbohydrate restriction to lose weight. And, low-carb isn’t nicknamed the Caveman Diet for nothing! If anything, the low-fat craze – which has led to an explosion of obesity, diabetes, and other health issues in the western world that fall under the heading ‘Metabolic syndrome’  – is the fad diet because it’s only been around for a few decades and because like other actual fad diets, it doesn’t work.


Mark’s Daily Apple’s Success Stories page: I found this gem while I was on my summer holiday, and I read about four success stories a day. The stories are from real people all over the world who have tried primal eating to lose weight, to feel better or to help serious health issues. And it’s not just a few dozen people: I’m talking hundreds. They are so interesting and they all have one thing in common: success with primal eating. One day, I’ll write about my success story too 😉


Nom Nom Paleo’s Peach and Prosciutto Watercress Salad recipe: Oh. My. God. I’ve found another heavenly Nom Nom Paleo recipe. I tell you, Michelle Tam is a genius. This recipe encapsulates everything one looks for when cooking for yourself: easy, quick, small amount of ingredients, and delicious. I’ve made this recipe about six times in six days, including for breakfast. And Pat loves it too.


My Heart Beets blog: My friend Alicia shared a paleo Naan bread recipe with me a month or so ago, and only recently did I actually click on the link. Wow! Ashley’s website is Indian food gone Paleo, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! So far, I’ve made the 3-ingredient Paleo Naan Bread and Achari Chicken, and both were superb. Pat, who’s been to India twice as a young adult, told me “I remember this from India” when he first dug into the Achari Chicken, it’s that good. Ashley blends Punjabi (North Indian) and Keralite (South Indian – Goan) flavours and uses long-standing recipes from her family. I’m telling you, check this blog out!

The NPR published an article called Foods-Mood Connection: How You Eat Can Amp or Tamp Down Stress. I confess, I found it via Nom Nom Paleo’s FB page; regardless though, I think it’s a good read because it’s so true! I’ve witnessed first hand what a high-sugar, high-carb diet does to someone when severely stressed, it’s not pretty. Since going primal, I feel I have more mental capacity to now deal with stressful situations and my problem-solving has become even better; it’s like my brain is clear. And, notice how all the foods mentioned in the article are primal?


Lucy Bee Coconut Oil shared this very informative graphic on Instagram last week demonstrating what our cravings really mean. Cravings occur for many reasons – one being a diet dependent on carbs – but they’re also our body’s way of saying “I need something you’re not feeding me.” The unfortunate part about this is that what we crave isn’t actually what we need to be eating. By using this chart, perhaps any of you constant-cravers out there might change your ways. Also, notice how all but one of the foods are part of the primal template????? I wouldn’t go crazy with raisins though…


The Art of Wild trailer: a truly inspiring watch. While it’s just a trailer, it previews what looks like a viewing experience that will change your life. There is a line at the very end about experiential wealth: to be rich with life experiences rather than money and material possessions. Pat and I aren’t poor financially by any means, but in terms of experiential wealth – you could say we’re millionaires. The film is due to be released in the fall/autumn of this year, but there isn’t a lot of stuff to be found about it, hence why you need to click the hyperlink to view the video. Can’t even find it on YouTube, and I can’t find any promotional images for it either, so instead, I’ll insert a photo from my collection of wild Scotland.


Finally, my favourite quote of the week, you may remember it from my last post? We all need change in our lives, but only some of us manage to do it. Most of us are scared or stuck in comfort zones. Travelling and running initially helped me go outside my comfort zones, and have taught me that anything is possible as long as I am brave enough to take that first step.

f74f7-10I also mentioned in my last post how I want to turn this primal eating thing into something more than just a blog: a business. I’ve decided to take a chance and starting putting the word out to the universe and it has responded! I’ve had many friends ask me to help them with food lists and  information – it’s like I’m gathering clients. I also told my boss about it all, and he said he would be an investor…. what??!?!? I’ve got so many ideas, some of which will manifest themselves here, but I’ve got a long way to go. And all because I started telling people about my dream, rather than continuing to just dream it.

The first step towards this dream is right here: the blog formerly called I Eat Therefore I Run, but now called Eat Primal, Run Hard thanks to everyone’s unanimous vote. It’s the end of an era of gluttony and ‘healthy eating,’ and the start of something amazing, hopefully. And definitely.

What articles, videos, graphics or quotes have struck you this week?

What dreams have you followed?


5 thoughts on “Inform Yourself Friday

  1. Wow it’s all really taking off for you. Exciting! Great idea for a blog series too.
    Following your dreams is important. A few years ago I went through a tough time and lost sight of “me”. I decided to grasp new opportunities, try things that I hadn’t before and see where life took me. It took me to running, to eating foods I previously thought I didn’t like and meeting new people (including Steve!).

    • Thanks Alison! Why not share the things I find important, right? 😉

      Following your dreams is so important: if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have moved to Scotland and be married to Pat, just like you wouldn’t have met Steve 🙂

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