Inform Yourself Friday, August 22

A rundown of articles, recipes, photos and quotes that grabbed my attention this week. I think everyone should read, make and see these.

Let’s start with my favourite Naked Chef:


Jamie Oliver does it again. Excellent point, and when you eat like a caveman, you start to notice all your ingredients are real food, not franken-food. Shared by my friend Shannon, an OCR enthusiast and paleo-eater, over Instagram.

Authority Nutrition’s 18 Delicious Low-Carb breakfast recipes – a typical go-to primal breakfast is bacon and eggs with avocado. We’ve all done it, but after a while, it gets boring. This post gives you ample ideas to rev up your breakfasts, and even use the ideas as brunch, lunch, or dinner. I love a breakfast dinner.


One of my favourite primal breakfast, lunch, whatever meals is Walnut and Gorgonzola omelette, an eggy version of a classic salad that has been made in my family for years! My current go-to breakfast is a variation of Marie Emmerich’s Greek Quiche, (I’ll be posting the recipe soon), along with my Primal Fruit Parfait with Nutter Bombs. I eat it every day for breakfast.


Authority Nutrition’s 17 Low-Carb and Paleo Doctors with blogs – you know I love this website! Primal eating isn’t mainstream because it basically goes against everything conventional wisdom has told you, including what the majority of doctors support. The problem with this is that doctors aren’t trained in real nutrition – neither are most dieticians for that matter – or the physiological processes that cause us to gain weight, unless they specialise in endocrinology. It’s nice to see primally-aligned doctors spreading the right message. I follow Michael Eades’ and Andreas Eenfeldt’s blogs, and have read work by John Briffa.


Seven Shades of Paleo on Robb Wolf’s website – he is one of the world’s leading experts on Paleo nutrition. This cleverly written post, although geared towards paleo eaters, helps to further distinguish different branches of paleo eating. When a friend decides to join me on the primal bandwagon, the same question inevitably gets asked: “Danielle, you eat full-fat dairy, and recommend it if it doesn’t bother me – which it doesn’t – but I’m reading about paleo and it says paleo isn’t dairy.” This is why I say I’m primal because primal is essentially paleo + dairy, or as the author Amy Kubal describes it: lacto-paleo, (or the Fourth Shade). Which shade are you?


I loves me some whipped double cream!

 Now that you’ve got some breakfast ideas, let’s try lunch. Sometimes you get bored of leftovers and look for something new. Enter Michelle Tam’s (aka Nom Nom Paleo) series of lunchbox posts: designed for cave kids’ lunches, but adult-friendly too. She’s doing a series of seven posts, and has published three, (view post 1, post 2, post 3). I recommend following her blog for the remaining lunchbox posts, but also because it’s awesome in general. I’ve now got many more meal ideas up my sleeve.


I did change it up this week with my Primal Chilli con Carne in a salad + avocado and sour cream… nom nom!

We’re off to Oban today for Pat’s Craggie Island off-road triathlon tomorrow. He’s been training for it since the start of the year, let’s wish him luck! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

What have you read this week that’s made you think?

What’s your favourite real ingredient?


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