{WIAW} Plenty of Primal

Linking up with Peas and Crayons today because it’s What I Ate Wednesday, a day to share the meals I’ve prepared for myself and eaten, and an opportunity for you to see the day to day meals of a primal eater.

*hint: click on the links for some meal ideas! And check out my Primal Recipes page for more.


Today at work, my teaching colleagues and I participated in a training session for new staff. Our Head of Education told us to introduce ourselves to the new starts, telling them, among other things, why we get out of bed in the morning. He laughed when he learned that my breakfast is what gets me up every day. I absolutely love it! It’s always the same on a weekday, but I never get bored of it because there is still so much variety within it. Let me explain.

I always have a bowl of coconut cream, a lovely and delicious crumbled nutter bomb, and some fresh fruit. Today’s featured frozen blueberries, hence the fuzzy look of them, and a peach.


I also had a slice of Whenever Quiche; this week’s version contained feta cheese, green and yellow peppers, kale, garlic and yellow courgette/zucchini from our garden. I do love the ground almond crust of this dish.


Finally, no breakfast, week day or weekend, is complete without a bulletproof espresso: 2 shots espresso, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil and a heaped tsp of xylitol. The. Best.Coffee. Ever.


I’m totally in love with smoked mackerel right now. A delicious oily and flavourful fish, mackerel is prime picking for primal peeps (can you tell I’m an English teacher with all that alliteration?). Mackerel is also found off the east coast of Scotland, and I get mine from Spinks in Arbroath, about 30 miles away from me. Another tick for the primal template: caught local.

Today’s mackerel was served with roasted sweet potato, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and one of my favourite salad dressings: the Clothes Make The Girl’s Magical Tahini Dressing. Like humus without the flatulence 😉


I didn’t actually finish this meal because I was full. I did have a wee bit of room for a Caveman Keto Fat Bomb though!



As we’re shifting towards fall/autumn, so are my choices in produce. Lately, fruit has been all about plums, peaches and apricots; gone are the fresh berries grown less than a mile away (unless frozen like above). I’ve also been consuming a lot of anti-oxidant rich brassicas lately – kale, broccoli and cauliflower. And tonight’s dinner was a perfect example: Nom Nom Paleo Cracklin’ Chicken, broccoli and cauliflower roasted in coconut oil, and a new recipe I’m still developing: Kale Winter salad. It’s already delicious but not quite ready yet.


As mentioned last week, I’m trying to cut down on what I eat at meals because I’m simply not that hungry when the time comes for lunch and dinner. I’ve been eating a bit less and haven’t had any hunger issues to the point where I’m considering dabbling in a bit of fasting. I’m going to try a day where I eat just breakfast and dinner, and see how I feel. It is, after all, a very primal concept.

What did you do today?

Do you dabble in intermittent fasting?

What’s your favourite local food where you are?


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