Inform Yourself Friday – 26 September

A rundown of articles, recipes, photos and quotes that grabbed my attention this week. I think everyone should read, make and see these.

The theme of this week’s large post is inspiration, in every meaning of the word.

Inspiration can take the form of recipes

A common occurrence with switching to primal eating is finding new recipes. We all go through a cycle where we have a food breakthrough (“I can eat that, great!”), it opens up meal possibilities, we get new recipes and then a few weeks later, tired of said recipes, we look for new meals. And the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again. Well, not anymore!

Eat Drink Paleo’s 20 Awesome Paleo Hamburgers will have you drooling over the delicious patties, made with beef, lamb, salmon, tuna, prawns, chicken, turkey, sausage… all with delicious paleo-friendly sauces and delicious vegetable condiments. This is a page you should mark as a favourite. I’m set for burgers ideas for the next two years!


Michelle at Nom Nom Paleo recently completed a HUGE series on lunch ideas. The lunches could be suitable for wee primal peeps, but any grown caveman or woman would easily enjoy these lunch ideas too. Another page to mark as a favourite.

One food many people claim they could never stop eating when considering going primal is bread. I too enjoyed a slice of freshly baked bread of any kind, but after a day, I was over it. Use this link from Authority Nutrition to access 15 Low Carb Bread recipes, all delicious and all primal. I made #12 and I can verify that it’s a delicious, scone-like consistency bread.


Inspiration can be learning something new

Staying with Kris Gunnars and his science-based nutrition website…. An issue for non-primal people is the meat consumption with a primal way of eating. Responsibly farmed, grass-fed meat is chock full of micro and macronutrients, and is some of the best food we can eat for our bodies. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of myths with meat consumption that some, like vegans, try to claim are truths. This article, 8 Myths about Meat Consumption and Health, totally shatters all myths, and may come in handy if you ever find yourself in a ‘to eat meat or not’ debate with a vegetarian or vegan. It may also be the impetus you were looking for to give primal eating a try.


Who can resist delicious Aberdeen Angus grass-fed steak????

Inspiration can be another person’s experiences

One of my most favourite blogs to read is Sweet Sweat Life, by Erin, an Iron(WO)man triathlete and a blog friend of mine. Erin has just recently completed Ironman Wisconsin, where she killed it in her race, placing 4th in her age group, and almost qualifying for the World Championships in Kona. I love her blog because she is huge inspiration to me. Read her posts Never Give Up and her Ironman Wisconsin recap. Pretty awesome.

Another blog friend, and friend in real life, Allison at The Running Princess, recently wrote a post about an injury and how she dealt with it, called Sometimes the right decision is the hardest one to make. I truly think anyone and everyone that trains and races should read this post. I applaud Allison for being proactive and taking charge, despite the emotional difficulty and change. I wish more runners made the right decision when injured or ill, rather than ignoring their body’s constant appeals.


Allison and I post-Balmoral 10km this past April

 Pete Evans – The Paleo Way trailer. This is a new series coming out on Australian TV, all about paleo with the world’s leading paleo experts (Lorne Courdain), and some pretty awesome paleo bloggers and chefs, like Michelle Tam. I wish this could be on British TV. Click here to watch it.

No Inform Yourself Friday could be complete without a Mark Sisson article. A Brief History of the Primal Movement is MASSIVE inspiration for me. Once I get my Primal Blueprint Expert Certification (to start January 2015), I will be on a mission to change the way Scotland eats. 2006 California is 2014 Scotland!


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