{WIAW} Primal? Paleo? Perfect!

I’m linking up with Jen at Peas and Crayons because it’s What I Ate Wednesday, a day to share the meals I’ve prepared for myself and eaten, and an opportunity for you to see the day to day meals of a primal eater.

*hint: click on the blue links for some meal ideas! And check out my Primal Recipes page for more.



Believe it or not, I didn’t have quiche for breakfast. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “But Danielle, you ALWAYS have quiche on a weekday!” I’m off this week, and as a result, I didn’t do meal prep this past weekend. So, I didn’t have quiche.

I did have a steaming hot bowl of my Grandma’s Hamburger Soup though. Yes, soup for breakfast is something I’ll do. It’s got protein, it’s got plenty of vegetables, it’s loaded with all the goodness of kale and bone broth, it’s quick, and it’s a winter-warmer. Ideal breakfast really.


Before I went primal, breakfast was always something sweet: usually a smoothie, maybe a bowl of porridge with brown sugar and milk, and always a sweet vanilla latter, complete with Starbucks syrup. Now, I eat vegetables and eggs for breakfast every day. It’s more of a savoury affair than in the past.

I do have sweetness to start my day: coconut cream, a crumbled Nutter Bomb, and my usual 2 fruits chopped up. Today’s fruits were raspberries and kiwi.


The final piece to my breakfast was my usual bulletproof espresso with 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter and a heaped teaspoon of xylitol, to sweeten.


I did a bit of meal prep for the week after I polished off this meal; it included a quiche!


A slice of Whenever Quiche. See how I snuck it in…. kinda?


This week’s eggy delight consisted of yellow pepper, red pepper, kale, bone broth, mushrooms and leftover roulade soft cheese with herbs. I’ve been making this quiche recipe with 8 eggs lately instead of 6; this guarantees 1 egg per serving.

With the quiche, I had some more protein in the form of sliced roast beef, grass-fed, from my local butcher. I rolled it around avocado and tomato, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic granules. It was good.


I enjoyed this with sliced cucumber, and a renewed favourite from my childhood: carrot sticks.

The meal was completed with a large mug of Supreme Matcha Green Tea – which has a totally different, milder taste compared to other green teas – and an Amazing Brownie Bite from Diane Keuilian’s ebook, Paleo Dessert Obsession. I got this through signing up for the PaleoHacks website newsletter.



I tried a new recipe tonight, via my favourite paleo blog: Nom Nom Paleo. It wasn’t a Michelle Tam creation though; it’s from the Zenbelly Cookbook and it’s amazing: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Apples. Holy Crap! Serious food love right now.


This meal hits ticks so many boxes: delicious, nutrient-dense (I made it with homemade bonebroth instead of white wine), protein-packed (chicken And bacon?), quick, satisfying. It’s got the taste and feel of a weekend meal, but with the simplicity and ease for weeknight winter cooking. For some reason, I also want to say that this dish just feels like French cuisine.


I also really enjoyed the apples in it (I used Braeburn). Did you know it’s been months since I’ve actually eaten an apple? I ate a slice of raw apple as I was preparing everything and I couldn’t believe how sweet it was!

I paired this flavourful main with a simple side of oven-roasted carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, done in coconut oil, salt and pepper.

Dessert was my usual Fat Bomb.


I only ate 1 though!

I’ll be posting the recipe to these in two weeks!

What did you eat today?

What new recipes have you tried recently?


10 thoughts on “{WIAW} Primal? Paleo? Perfect!

  1. So many recipes I now want to make! I’ve been slacking myself, but now I feel inspired. I’m also massively craving quiche! Snap on the apples – I used to eat at least one a day but I went months without them when I went to a more paleo/primal deal. Now I’ll have them occasionally and get such a kick from how sweet they taste!

    • Thank you! The quiche recipe and chicken with bacon and apples are both ones to definitely try, if not add to your repertoire.

      I seriously couldn’t believe how sweet the apples were raw. They were delicious though!

  2. oh my that chicken dish sounds and looks amazing! I pretty much eat an apple every day so couldn’t imagine going months without eating one! They are in abundance right now since it’s apple season so we are eating them like crazy!

    • Ironic you write that because I eat the same breakfast almost every day! I know where you’re coming from with regards to eggs every day: bacon and eggs can get boring. You don’t have to have eggs for breakfast, you can have leftovers, you can have anything. One thing I learned from seeing so many paleo and primal breakfasts on Instagram was that barely anyone actually ate conventional breakfast food. Eat whatever you want within the paleo parameters! 🙂

  3. Soup for breakfast is a pretty genius idea, I’m always cold in the morning.

    I love your eats every week, even though you guys do a lot of prep, it always seems like you keep it interesting. 🙂

    • I really enjoyed the soup for breakfast, I might do that more often.

      We’re actually quite creatures of habit! Our meal prep on the weekend consists of making a recipe with ground, grass-fed beef, and a quiche – that’s it. We also make fat bombs (my husband’s responsibility – he also helps with the other dishes) and nutter bombs, but those are made whenever the current batch runs out. We also make time for food, which I think is a necessity and something many don’t do enough of.

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