{WIAW} My Paleo Fare

It’s Link Up week post #2 today: my usual link up with Jen at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday. This is a way to share the meals I’ve prepared for myself and eaten, and an opportunity for you to see the day to day meals of a primal eater.

*hint: click on the blue links for some meal ideas! And check out my Primal Recipes page for more.

Today’s meals were all dairy-free, hence paleo 🙂



I’m back to my habitual ways! This week’s Whenever Quiche features steamed spinach, kale, yellow pepper, mushrooms and bacon. All on my old yet new plate I got from a second-hand shop in Laurencekirk. Cost me 20p!

As usual, my breakfast’s dessert (if you must) was fruit with coconut cream and a crumbled Nutter Bomb. This week’s fruit was kiwi, and frozen blueberries and raspberries, grown locally.


I left the fruit in the fridge overnight to thaw, then made my usual concoction in the morning.

Breakfast culminated with my usual bulletproof espresso: 2 shots espresso, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp Kerrygold grass-fed butter, and a heaped teaspoon of xylitol to for sweetness.


If you’re wondering why I eat pretty much the same thing every day for breakfast, the reason is quite simple: it’s because I love these foods. I don’t do this because it gives me a specific number of calories or macronutrients, I simply do it because it always tastes great and there’s variety in the fruit and vegetables so these dishes never get boring. Even Pat has said he could never tire of the nutter bombs. It also helps that this meal hits primal eating perfectly: lots of fat, protein, vegetables and a bit of fruit.


A mishmash of leftovers, really. I snapped this shot last night, after I packed my lunch:


Top right going clockwise: Some Hamburger Soup (still cold, hence the fat globules in the homemade bone broth).

The final bits of leftover Chicken Tikka Masala Pat made Sunday night; we added kale to it. There was so much sauce, it seemed more like a soup than a curry.

A fat bomb of dark chocolate and walnuts. Recipe to come next week!

A small avocado and carrot sticks, a throwback to my childhood.

Some Stephens hot-smoked salmon for added protein.


One of the best parts about being primal is that chicken wings are under the primal template of food. I LOVE chicken wings!


Especially when they’re Nom Nom Paleo Magic Wings, marinated in fish sauce (umami!) and her Magic Mushroom Powder: porcini mushrooms, chilli flakes, sea salt and dried thyme. I prepared these wings this morning and they marinated all day. I baked them in ghee tonight. Easy! I’d include the recipe as a link but it’s only in the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook. You’ll just have to get it.


These cripy and delicious babies were served with fried Brussels sprouts and bacon, and roasted squash – don’t ask the variety because I don’t know. It was from a local farm shop and so sweet!

Dessert was a banana sandwich: a whole banana sliced in half with almond butter in the middle. Served on another plate I got second-hand, this one for 10p! I enjoyed this with a big mug of Matcha Supreme Green Tea.


A sidenote: today I did 20 push ups in a row!!!!! I’ve never in my life, even during my Olympic lifting days, been able to do that many in a row! I’m on week 20 of Primal Blueprint Fitness, and went from not being able to do a single push up to now doing 20. I’m very pleased with myself 🙂

What did you eat today?

What foods could you eat day in and day out?


9 thoughts on “{WIAW} My Paleo Fare

  1. All your food looks sooooo good!!! They all look like something I would eat.
    Don’t you love bulletproof coffee?!? I am obsessed with it! And nothing like some fresh coconut cream on top of some fresh berries, that is the best!
    Nom Nom Paleo’s magic wings are one of the few recipes of hers that I haven’t tried yet.

    ps- I found you through WIAW link up! I’m glad I did!

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