I mustache you some questions

I’m conluding Link Up week with something fun. Today, I’m linking up with Erin at Sweet Sweat today to share some very important information, important information you may not know about me….


The English teacher in me wonders: Why is it called I mustache you some questions when there aren’t any questions….?

Four names other people call me other than my real name:

Pat calls me D

My parents call me Big D, something they’ve done since I was a kid

Some of my students call me Dani in a Scottish accent, which I’m not that fond of

Pat’s parents refer to me as Danielle Sasaki-Duncan, to include me in the Duncan Clan despite not taking Pat’s name when we got married.

Four jobs I’ve had:

Teacher (both primary/elementary and secondary)

Server at Earls and Wasabi on Broadway in Winnipeg

Recreation Technician with the City of Winnipeg, doing preschool sessions over the summer

Working for my dad’s art gallery, Warehouse Artworks in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, as a teenager and young adult

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

Love Actually

The Holiday

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Four books I recommend:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – I may name my children Jem and Scout 😉

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Four places I’ve lived:



Scotland: Montrose/Ferryden and now in the countryside outside Laurencekirk


Four places I’ve been: too many! The best:

The North Island, New Zealand

Australia – every where except the east coast between Sydney and Cairns, and Western Australia.

Seoul, South Korea

Berlin, Germany (plus Bremen and Hamburg)

Courmayeur, the Italian Alps.

 Copy of IMG_20140103_163744


Four places I’d rather be right now:

Berlin – Spreegold? My friend Alicia’s apartment? A Christmas market? Hurry up December 29th!

A beach somewhere on the Indian Ocean (Maldives? Mauritius?)

My Mom’s kitchen in Winnipeg

One of two sitting rooms at the Hotel Funivia in La Palud, Italy, with the fireplace roaring


One more: Sweden or Denmark

Four of my favourite foods:

Scottish beef, any way

My Nutter Bombs

Brussels sprouts

Chicken wings

Chicken with Bacon and Apples


Four things I don’t eat:

Offal – not yet anyway



Grains/sugar/legumes a given, plus I couldn’t think of anything else

Four TV shows I watch: we don’t watch TV, we don’t even have a TV License. Instead, we catch up online or through DVDs of series.

Orange is the New Black, via YouTube

The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad:  I struggle with this show. Season 3 was good, but I just don’t see how people have loved this show. We call it Assholes because that’s what Walt and Jesse are. I also see Malcolm in the Middle every time Brian Cranston appears, and I often want to literally shut his mouth everytime he has it gaping open. Late season 5 has also been good, but why has it taken so long?

Arne Dahl, a Swedish crime drama

Four Things I’m looking forward to this year: If you’re referring to the remainder of 2014…

My running group Christmas dinner at Drovers tomorrow night

My work Christmas night out at the Dundee Contemporary Arts + karaoke in a dive bar

Alicia and André’s visit for Christmas

Going to Berlin again for New Year’s Eve


Four Things I always say:

To my students: “Don’t be that guy;” “We’re all freaks and geeks in some way;” “This is a trust exercise” “That’s fine”

“That’s your choice”

“Shut up” – not in a malicious way, although I can see how it comes across like that…. :/

Pat says I say “Mmmm hmmm” a lot


I’m tagging Georgie, Meg, Allison, Iona, Hyedi, and Primal Girl in Edinburgh – I want to read all about you! And if you’d like to link up to this post, go for it!


8 thoughts on “I mustache you some questions

  1. Wait… a TV license? What’s that?! You’ve been to some amazing places! The Maldives are on my list, too 🙂 And, you were a server at earl’s?! Nearly every time I went to Winnipeg in HS and college, we ate at earl’s! What if our paths crossed there?! Crazy!

    • Yeah…. a TV License is a fee (£145 annually) that any live television watcher must pay. It was originally for when there were very few channels in the UK, and you were paying to not have commercials (like Prairie Public Television), but now it’s only the BBC channels that are commercial-free. For us, it’s a waste of money because we don’t watch live TV!

      Yes, I worked at Earls for two years, but after I graduated high school, so we wouldn’t have crossed paths there, but I do wonder if we did when you were in Wpg – it’s such a small world that city!

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