Gift Ideas for the Primal Runner + giveaway!!!

OR What Danielle would like for Christmas 😉 Whether you’re buying or asking, thoughtful and original gift ideas can be hard to come by at times. Today and tomorrow, I will be featuring some inspiration that will make any runner, any primal eater, (maybe a primal runner?) happy come December 25th.

For the Runner

The obvious gifts would be running clothes and shoes, which any runner would be thankful for, but maybe there are other gifts we’d also appreciate as well…


1. Race Entry Fees: if you race often throughout the year, these can add up very quickly. Local races in Scotland are quite reasonably priced (under £20), but it’s the larger races, and longer distance races, that can hit the wallet hard. Offering to pay a marathon entry fee, or give money towards an entry fee, is a gift any runner will welcome.

2. Out of town race accommodation and travel: this is often more expensive than the race itself, and is another blow to the wallet for runners who do more destination races. When Pat and I ran in the Loch Ness Marathon Festival, our hotel room in Inverness was almost double our entry fees combined! And with the Grantown Try Tri a few weeks before that, our wallets suffered in the month of September from travelling and two away races. I know I would be grateful for any financial help towards accommodation and travel in the future, when we go away to race.

3. Fuel and Recovery: Both are essential for runners that run long, that run hard, and that race. These, combined with a proper diet, are beneficial to a runner’s ability to perform and recover quickly. The downside to fuel and recovery options is that the good brands can cost a pretty penny. I’m positive any runner, or any athlete for that matter, would appreciate an assortment or bulk pack of their favourite mid-race chews, hydrating powder, or recovery powder. I’m partial to Honey Stinger Energy chews in Pink Lemonade (made with organic ingredients!), and Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery powder in Honey & Spice, made of primal-friendly whey protein #womenarenotsmallmen


These are great as a main gift (if buying many or large quantities), or a few as a stocking stuffer.

4. Pampering: After a busy and intense season of training and races, there is nothing better than some indulgence in the form of a massage or even a pedicure. Running or not, I love some relaxation time while getting a back, neck and glute (yes, I do get them done) massage, or a pedicure.

5. Running Accessories: These are all the little things that runners must have on top of the costly running shoes and clothes. Accessories range from cold weather items, hot weather items, hydrating packs, and reflective gear. My favourites include:

Feetures socks: these durable, warm, functional socks are not only pretty to look at, but come with a lifetime guarantee. Pretty impressive for socks! I love the cold weather ones with merino wool; they do well to keep my feet both warm and dry on winter runs, road and trail. I’ve even bought Pat, the sock destroyer, two pairs as part of his Christmas gift. He doesn’t read this blog so he won’t know!


Feetures Elite + Merino on the left, Feetures Elite + sock lock support system on the right


Running packs: ideal for the trail runner. This fall, I bought an Innov-8 waste pack to carry my phone, fuel and water during longer trail runs. Pat uses a Camel Back backpack during trail runs. Both accessories allow us to run without having to hold anything in our hands, and still carry layers , fuel and water when out for a long period of time.

Nathan Run Longer Light accessories: great for winter and night time running, Nathan Sports gear for night running are an ideal way for runners to be seen at night. The lovely crew at 2pure gifted me with an incredible care package In October of Nathan night time products to try, and I’ve been using three select ones ever since.


The Lightspur and Lightbender are great ways to light up your limbs so you can be seen from a distance. My friends Amy and Wendy loved mine so much they went out and bought their own.


20141214_100908 IMG_20141028_200159

I’ve also been sporting the DomeLight Hat, with lights in the front and back, again to be seen. I also love the built in ponytail holder.


As a token of my appreciation to readers, I’m holding a wee giveaway just in time for Christmas!!! I’ve got a Nathan Wrist Runner2 and Reflective Lock Laces (retail price of £18.00 altogether) for one lucky reader.


This giveaway is open worldwide; enter by leaving a comment below on how you fire up your run when you’re running, (or doing any other physical activity) at night time. One entry per person. The winner will be announced next Monday, December 21st.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on gifts for the Primal Eater!

What else would you suggest for a runner?

What’s the best running-related gift you’ve ever received?

How do you fire up your run?



15 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for the Primal Runner + giveaway!!!

  1. love running gifts- giving and receiving 🙂 Although people say it’s a cheap sport, it can add up. All your ideas are awesome! And I’ve never the Lightspur and Lightbender before- cool products!
    Remember slap bracelets!? I have two reflective ones that I snap to my arms to run in winter!

  2. Fantastic gift ideas! Can’t ever go wrong with Osmo and Feetures! 🙂 And, those lightspurs are RAD! I’ve had a couple close calls recently that those would have help with. I now where a headlamp when I run in the dark, Not only does it help me see the (icy) sidewalks, it also helps keep me visible to cars!

  3. Being a complete beginner at running I’m absolutely amazed by all the smart light sources one can use when running! I live in the north of Sweden, where we get basically no sun during the whole of December, and this makes for a lot of running in the dark. I make sure to use a headlamp, to which I also attach a small red bicycle light on my backpack or the back of my head to make sure I’m visible from behind as well. And I really like the slap bracelets, so simple but so effective! In addition to this I try to make sure that all my winter gear has as many reflecting parts as possible. In addition to being visible it also makes you look like some kind of bionic human robot kind of being, just looking so cool!

    • I totally know what you mean about a bionic human! I do wonder what my runner friends and I look like at night, with all our reflective gear on.

      Sounds like you’re well-equipped for night time, winter running!

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  5. Well I’ve tried with a headlamp but it just kept sliding off and banging my nose-bone so I now just use nothing and train my eyes to see better in the dark!!! I’m always blind at the start but by the end I can normally see as well as if it were dailight!!! I wear lots of high-vis stuff though so I will be seen!

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  7. the one thing that keeps me running at night and thru the winter is my running group! Although we all run separately and at different paces we all meet at the start and finish! I found that last winter it kept me motivated! I only wear hi vis jacket and leggings but really need to get some lights to be safer! Excellent post! I’m hoping for some new running gloves x

  8. Finding the motivation to get out in the dark can be tough. I’m not fond of head torches as I find them uncomfortable and annoying so that dome light looks intriguing!
    At the moment, I go for lots of bright hi-viz/reflective clothing and, if I’m going to be in darker places, some lights so I can be seen. I’ve been running drills recently alongside the rugby pitches so I’m actually floodlighting my run lol! I’ve also just ordered the Kalenji run light which claims to light 20m in front of you. Sounds promising. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re running in the dark there’s no such thing as too bright 😀

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