{WIAW} Primal + Sunday + Fat-Burner

It’s Wednesday, which means my usual link up with Jen at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday. This is a great way to share the meals I’ve prepared for myself and eaten throughout the course of a day, as well as an opportunity for you to see the day-to-day meals of a primal eater. Be nosy and check it out!

*hint: click on the blue links for some meal ideas! And check out my Primal Recipes page for more.


Not quiche.


My Sunday breakfast savoury was a two egg omelette (yokes too!), made with sautéed mushrooms, leftover sweet potato, and spinach, which I buy frozen then thaw. I cooked the vegetables first, then added the eggs, flipped it and voila!


My breakfast sweet was my usual 2-3 fruits – this time it was persimmon, blueberries from frozen and pear – topped with coconut cream and a crumbled nutter bomb.

20141216_200754 20141207_105213

The finishing touch was, you guessed it, my bulletproof espresso: 2 shots + 1 tbsp coconut oil (great for brain health) + 1 tbsp butter + 1 heaped tsp xylitol.



I didn’t really have lunch this day…. This was for a few reasons: I ate a later breakfast at 9:30 am, and I use fat for my energy source, not carbs, which means I can go for much longer without ever feeling weak, tired or starving. By 2:30 that afternoon, I was ready to go for a long run. It was also at this point that I realised I hadn’t eaten any lunch; my only indication was the slight hunger pangs I got as I was getting ready to head out. Rather than stop and eat lunch, I ate a Honey Stinger energy bar prior to leaving so I wouldn’t get hungry on the run.


I ran about 9 miles that day (it was a really great run!) and got home just as the sun was setting. I had a protein shake with some more persimmon and berries with yogurt, and a banana to tide me over until dinner time.


Let me tell you about this yogurt! It wasn’t just any plain yogurt: it was primal-friendly, raw yogurt, made from unpasteurised milk! Seven months ago, I would’ve never eaten that stuff, but after doing my research into primal eating, and learning that unpasteurised milk from grass-fed cows is best, I’ve since changed my views. I was about ready to eliminate dairy completely because it brought on my eczema, then I found some raw cheeses and this yogurt at my local farm shop.While my skin isn’t completely clear, the unpasteurised dairy – with it’s good bacteria – has made a difference.


All from Scottish producers as well!


Wow, wow, WOW was my reaction to this meal!


Earlier in the day, I had set a ham to slow cook. I made it with bone broth, chopped parsnip, carrot, apple and onion, and some cloves and left it. So simple! And this is what I got:


The ham was just salty enough (sometimes ham is too salty), and the vegetables tasted like Christmas. I also used the juices + half of the slow cooked vegetables to make a gravy for the meat; it was so good! We both loved the ham, and I will be making this dish again over Christmas time. And yes, I’ll post the recipe 😉

I served the ham with a kind of potato gratin, (hoping to post the recipe Friday!), made with the raw yogurt and cheeses. It totally complemented the saltiness of the meat.


These also contained some Kerrygold butter from grass-fed cows. Overall, it’s a dish of primal all-stars! 😉


I really just wanted to shamelessly add in this photo of the pretty Orla Kiely packaging 🙂

We also had some of the slow cooked vegetables and broccoli roasted in coconut oil.

Dessert was the usual fat bomb. I forgot to take a photo, so you can drool over a stack of them instead.


What did you eat today?

What’s your favourite meat to slow-cook?

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6 thoughts on “{WIAW} Primal + Sunday + Fat-Burner

  1. I somehow confused primal with lchf and was wondering why you were eating so many carbs (all the fruit AND potato, haha). But it’s not the same…or is it? I think I’m still confused 😀 I love your omelette though, I have omelette about 3-4 days a week!! Best breakfast IMO. I’m a savoury breakfast girl.

    • While I’m familiar with LCHF, I’m not totally sure of it’s ultimate goal: is it like an ultra low-carb ketogenic diet, where the goal is to be in ketosis? That’s the impression I get from Instagram. Primal eating is similar, but it depends on where you are in your journey. While I was still working towards my goal weight, I only ate 2 pieces of fruit a day; now I eat 3, sometimes 4 pieces of fruit a day now that I’ve reached my goal. I eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, squash or pumpkin to help with running, but only about 4 days a week.

      Primal eating is similar to LCHF, but ketosis isn’t necessary. You can actually reach ketosis without having to eat kept, you know. Primal is essentially Paleo, but with raw, unpasteurised dairy (if you can handle it), and keto-friendly sweeteners, like xylitol (which I use). It’s like the happy medium between paleo and keto. This is what works best for me.

      This day’s fruit consumption wasn’t typical either, they were the quickest thing I could eat post-run. Hope that clarifies things?

    • I don’t know…. I’ve never tried or seen coconut butter.

      I use Pride Coconut milk, which has a really high fat content. We blend it then refrigerate it at the back of our fridge, and it turns to a whipped cream texture.

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