{WIAW} SAD vs. Primal

Rather than a standard day of food, I thought I’d write about what I used to eat when I followed the usual food guidelines put out by my western world governments vs. what I now eat as a primal eater. Why SAD? It means Standard American Diet, another way of saying the Canada Food Guide or UK Eatwell Plate, aka the western world government recommendations.

Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this Wednesday blog party of looking at other women’s food… also known as What I Ate Wednesday 😉


Before, I used to have a small liquid breakfast: a vanilla latte, made with skim milk, 2 shots of espresso and probably 1-2 tbsp Starbucks vanilla syrup. I also had a smoothie with at least 4 fruits, muesli or oats, yoghurt and water. I would pride myself on having as much fruit as possible because it was part of my 5 a day 😉

Now, I have a large breakfast that is solid food! My breakfast consists of protein from eggs, sometimes bacon, and lots of vegetables. Usually, this either takes the form of quiche or a vegetable omelette. Did you know before I went primal, I rarely ate eggs? Now I feel incomplete if I don’t!



Breakfast is also when I eat my fruit for the day: 2-3 fruits with plenty of fat! Coconut cream and a crumbled Nutter Bomb to exact.


I still have an espresso-based drink, but now it’s bulletproof: 2 shots + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter + 1 heaped tsp xylitol because I like my coffee sweet.


Morning snack

Before, I would have a banana (the second one of the day after my smoothie), and some kind of homemade nutritious bar.

Now, I don’t eat snacks because I’m not hungry for them the way I used to be at this time.


Before, I would have either leftovers from home, like vegetable lasagne, tortilla wraps, chilli with kindey beans and chick peas, some kind of slow-cooked meat. If I didn’t take a lunch to school, I would order something from our canteen: baked potato with tuna salad (mayonnaise) and cheese with salad, ham salad plate, cheese baguette with salad and soup, with the soup usually containing some legume. In retrospect, I ate probably 50/50 vegetarian without knowing it! And I usually felt bloated after every meal….

Now, I always have meat and veg leftovers: Caveman Bolognaise, slow cooked beef/ham/pork, chicken of some kind. Sometimes, it’s smoked mackerel or salmon. My vegetable side will either be an assortment of roasted vegetables or raw ones. Sometimes I have an avocado with everything.





Dessert is always a fat bomb with huge mug of Matcha green tea. And no bloating.


Afternoon school snack

Before, I used to have a small tub of low-fat, vanilla Greek-style yoghurt and a piece of fruit. If there were cakes or candy that my colleagues brought out, I’d eat some of that too.

Now, like in the morning, I don’t eat a snack because I’m not hungry for it. The joys of being a fat-burner!


Before, on nights I ran, I would eat again!!!!! Because I thought I had to. This was always a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey.

Now, I don’t eat before a run unless I actually feel physically hungry at that time, which isn’t often. My runs don’t suffer and I’m not starving half way through.


Pat used to be a vegetarian, and so before, we would try to make as many of our meals vegetarian as possible. This was also cheaper to do as well. We’d dine on stir-fries with noodles, pasta bakes, macaroni and cheese with vegetables and chicken, maybe soup? In the summer, we’d BBQ often, and ate beef or turkey burgers often. We also were suckers for Piri chicken. We didn’t eat meat every day. And we often had seconds, and bloating….

Now, it’s always some kind of meat and veg. Tonight, Pat and I had a conversation as we were serving up dinner that went something like this: (in my best script-writing genre)

Pat: (plating food) Guess what we had for dinner last night?

Danielle: (finishing off my Primal Blueprint Fitness exercises) Meat and veg?

Pat: Yep! Guess what we had for dinner last Wednesday?

Danielle: I don’t know! …. Meat and veg? (giggling)

Pat: (laughing) Yep!

It sounds boring and repetitive, but trust me, we make all sorts of combinations of meat and veg! Like tonight, we had Chicken and bacon with apples with roasted potatoes, courgette (zucchini), mushrooms and broccoli.


Last night, we had Jalfrezi Chicken with kale and peas, plus roasted cauliflower and fried Brussels sprouts.

Other nights, we have gluten-free sausages as our meat, or fried mackerel. Sometimes we have slow-cooked pork or ham. We always eat some kind of brasica – broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage or Brussels sprouts – and sometimes we eat tubers (potatoes or sweet potatoes). In the summer, we’re all about salad. Occasionally, we eat white rice because we’re #teamwhiterice.

 IMG_20141027_185054 20141029_183020 20141011_130035 20141013_194024

And we never have seconds because we truly feel full after our meat and veg.

I can’t believe I used to eat up to 6 meals a day!!!! I

Have you recently changed what you eat?

Are you a snacker?

Do you do vegetables for breakfast too?


10 thoughts on “{WIAW} SAD vs. Primal

  1. I do vegetables with every meal! I also love eggs for breakfast, preferably omelette. I don’t like to have snacks because I feel like at the end of the day I ate more, because I still would eat the same amount for lunch/ dinner that I’d eat without snacks.
    I’m currently trying to balance out my diet, incorporating more carbs again (don’t hate me 😉 ). lchf didn’t seem to work for me, I overate on fats and gained weight. Now I’m just trying to find a balance and don’t obsess on any macros or anything.
    I like that you show that there can be variety even with a veg-meat-dinner! because, why not? can only starches make variety? haha, no!

    • That’s interesting that you gained weight overeating on fat. While primal and paleo fall under the realm of ‘low-carb’ eating, I feel that that’s a misnomer. It should be called ‘lower carb’ because I also eat carbs every day: some fruit, vegetables, and most nights, tubers. I don’t hate you, I appreciate that you read my blog and comment on it 🙂

  2. This was really interesting to compare the differences between then and now. I now have a cooked breakfast every morning, always eggs and either gluten free sausages or bacon. This keeps me going through until lunchtime. Before I used to always have a banana at 10.00 but don’t need this anymore and very rarely eat a banana.

    • It’s such a change to compare before and after, and it honestly feels like so long ago. I personally know that I just can’t go back know. It’s great to read about your progress, I’ll email you for a catch-up 🙂

  3. We’ve been having a lot of “meat and veg” lately too, although there is some potato with ours which I know you avoid. Current favourites are cottage pie/shepherd’s pies/Cumberland pie (lots of minced meats with veg and yummy mash toppings) and my favourite veg, Brussels sprouts and tenderstem broccoli. I can’t get enough sprouts and broccoli lately! I guess these meals are comfort food given the weather right now. Lots of soup at the weekends too as it’s a big favourite of mine.
    Because I’m marathon training, I have no interest in chocolates/cake etc other than a wee treat on a Sunday night after my long run. I tend not to eat much of that stuff anyway (my colleagues ALWAYS have something sweet in our base) but it’s like my head switches in January and I really don’t want it. My body knows what it needs in order to train and perform, I suppose.

    • You eat exactly what we eat! Just in different combinations. We eat potatoes and sweet potatoes, that’s our muscle fuel. And I’m also loving sprouts, especially fried up with bacon! ACtually, everything you mention is pretty much what I do as well, although my sweet treat on the weekend is made with alternative ingredients 😉

      And my colleagues are the same!

      • Do your colleagues also moan about their weight whilst eating the sweet stuff? Drives me nuts!
        I didn’t realise how much our evening meals would be the same. I think we probably differ earlier in the day though as I do have carbs then but tend not to snack other than an apple at interval to make sure I’m getting plenty of fruit.

      • Some of them do, even to the point of whining. OR they’ll get ill, have skin issues, headaches, etc but can’t understand why it’s happening.

        The carbs I eat are vegetables in abundance, some potatoes and sweet potatoes, occasionally rice, and little fruit.

  4. Love the side-by-side comparisons! We’re meat + veg most of the time, too, though we do eat plenty of sweet potatoes. And, #teamwhiterice FTW! 🙂 Your egg breakfasts make my mouth water… I miss eggs SO much!

    • Yes, sweet potatoes feature for us too. Lately, I’ve been baking them in the oven then taking them for lunches.

      I feel like a breakfast is now incomplete unless it has eggs! What protein do you have for breakfast then?

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