My 2015

I have spent a chunk of time thinking about my 2015 and what I want to do with it. How can I make it even better than last year? What can I do to make it more exciting? More delicious? More more?


The truth is I contemplated the above questions for about two minutes and dismissed them because I don’t want more – I just want it all to continue. I made some serious changes last year that are now second nature and a part of my life, and at this moment in time, I feel content where I am, with what I’m doing, with what I’ve done. And I want to see where it will take me.

It’s instinctive for us type A personalities (and bloggers) to constantly strive for better all the time, but I think it’s important to also be happy with what we currently have, and what we’ve already done; there’s no shame in that, right?

So with those deep thoughts, what will my 2015 look like? Much of the same really: road running, trail running, primal eating, primal recipes, time spent with friends, laughing with colleagues, watching The Bridge and films with Pat (and training together), seeing Scotland and Europe, and then writing about all of it while listening to Arcade Fire (true story).

In running news, I’ve already entered three races , two being my toughest physical challenge yet. My first race of the year is the women’s only Smokies 10 (mile) road race at the beginning of March, where I’m looking to PB again at this distance. I’ve already run this race last year, so I’m familiar with the route. I’m also currently race fit, so it’s just a matter of maintaining and possibly (hopefully) improving.


Races #2 and #3 are my big 2015, Steve Bonthrone-esque challenge: I’ve entered the Balmoral 10km (again) this year to finally run up that entire f-ing hill and run it under 1 hour. This race is on a Saturday. The next day, I’m also running in the Balmoral 15 mile trail race… yes, two races in 24 hours and 21 miles in two days. Pat says I’m crazy for doing it, as have a few friends, but I really wanted to run in both races, so I just went for it. I’ve been formulating a training plan in my head that consists of road running and trail running, hill training and strength training. Once I’ve finalised things, I’ll share it on the blog. I may even do weekly training posts about it.

After that, who knows what other races I’ll do? I may want to do another triathlon, and I’m looking to run another half marathon in the autumn because it’s the only PB I have yet to break, and that’s only because I haven’t run a half marathon since last May. At this moment in time, I just want to focus on running and building more muscle through body weight exercises.

In food news, I continue to learn about nutrition on a daily basis. I still have hopes to complete my Primal Blueprint Expert certification, but if I do it this year, it’ll be in the second half of the year. I’ll continue to develop recipes when time allows, and I’m working on a bunch of primal + running posts in my head (because that’s where all my posts start). I also want to continue to help people, should they ask, and continue to again make primal food for friends.

I’m contemplating whether to continue my weekly What I Ate Wednesday posts because, while I believe it’s important to show people what it’s like to eat primal on a daily basis, I’m on the fence about my blog and the WIAW weekly link up party. I find the majority of the other WIAW posts are from women talking about their cravings, showing their frequent tiny meals, berating themselves for snacking, or doing another Whole30 or trying paleo again. I confess there are times I read other WIAW posts and think that I don’t want my blog associated with these negative associations with food, but at the same time, I want to link to set an example. See? On the fence! Thoughts?

A food interest I’m going to pursue this year is flour, three kinds to be precise: cassava, Einkorn and Emmer. The first is made from the cassava root and my Instagram feed is currently full of paleo food bloggers going to town with it. I had bread made with cassava root flour at Sauvage in Berlin and it was so good: light, airy, moist but held together like bread made with traditional wheat flour. Speaking of wheat flour, let’s talk about Einkorn and Emmer: these are the two original wheat plants that used to grow wild before humans cultivated it during the Neolithic era. Yes, they share the name genus as the white powder used to make bread, cakes and cookies these days, but that’s about all Einkorn and Emmer wheat have in common with modern ‘wheat’. Their genetic make up is vastly different to today’s conventional wheat – which has been seriously tampered with in genetic modification – and both of these ancient wheats contain far less gluten than conventional flour. Finally, Einkorn and Emmer wheat flour differ greatly in colour, texture and taste. I’m going to experiment with these flours this year and see what happens.

One food challenge I have for myself this year is to try making my own kombucha. Yes, I’ve kind of gotten on that bandwagon ever since I tried it at Sauvage in Berlin. I ordered 10 bottles of Equinox Kombucha in Wild Berry, and will eventually grow my own Scooby – the bacteria required in the fermentation process of the tea. I haven’t looked into all of this yet, but I will. And when I do, I’ll write about it.


Finally, I do have one personal goal I’m seriously working towards: finish paying off my debt. The downside to having an older car and no car payments is that sometimes (or in my case, four times in one year) your car needs work. And when you don’t have the money to pay for it upfront, you put it on your credit card, like I did last year. I’m working towards aggressively paying off my credit card, and then will use that extra money to pay back a loan early. I came to the realisation a few months ago, when I felt like I had no money (because I probably couldn’t buy clothes immediately, wah wah) that I don’t need to make more money. I just need to pay off my debt!

No matter what I do this year, I’m gonna own it! 😉

With that, a few posts I’m currently working on:

  • Paleo, Primal, Keto – What’s the difference?
  • How I defied conventional wisdom
  • Recipes for slow cooked ham and Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • How I got to be a faster runner
  • Why all runners should be primal 😉

What are you working towards in 2015?

What have you got planned this year?


15 thoughts on “My 2015

  1. Awesome, and so good you can see what a good place you are in 🙂 I too am just trying to get to a good place and let it fly me somewhere amazing. BUT I know I have had only one day of Primal (or be honest/ low carb no grain and junk) but already just back from morning run with my fastest 10K of the winter, think it does make a big difference and cant wait to see how Primal Marathon training goes 🙂 Keep Blogging it is appreciated 🙂

  2. Keep your WIAW posts coming- we need more posts like yours! I love reading all of the WIAW link up posts, but admittedly there are times where I’m doing some serious eye rolling at what constitutes a meal to people.

  3. Love this post! And, I love your perspective of continuing on with all the awesome – experiences, delicious food, running, etc. It’s gonna be a great year for you, friend 🙂 I’m super curious about Einkorn wheat (I read about it in Wheat Belly, I think?). Please keep us posted! As for WIAW… maybe you could start your own link-up showing your eats and how they fuel your body? I’m not a fan of seeing people berate themselves for eating a cookie… because if you want a cookie, eat the effing cookie and don’t feel bad about it! I’m brewing my own kombucha right now… will keep you posted on the process! It’s pretty simple 🙂

    • I meant to ask about the kombucha, I look forward to reading about it! And thank you my friend, for all your loevely words.

      I’ll definitely write about Einkorn – you would’ve read about it in Wheat Belly, that’s where I discovered it! I also really like your idea of starting my own link-up, I did think about it. LOL to your cookie comment! For me, it’s also about tiny meals and Whole30/paleo assumptions that’s frustrating. Baby steps, onward and upward somehow 🙂

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