Out of Office


If you missed Friday’s news on Facebook and Instagram, Pat and I bought a house!

The good news: home ownership, building equity, freedom to decorate, renovate, etc., and our ten-month long journey of searching, making offers only to be rejected is over.

The bad news: no internet until March 17th. I’m writing this on my mobile phone while ‘borrowing’ the internet from a neighbour I have yet to meet…..

I’ll do my best to post here between now and St Patrick’s Day – hoping to poach internet from friends and family – and in the mean time, will hopefully write posts that have been circulating in my head for months. This also means no What I Ate Wednesday posts as well. Sorry.

I’ll announce the winner of the Be Smart in the Dark Giveaway as planned, so get your butt to that post (the one before this one – don’t know how to hyperlink using my phone just yet!) and enter.

In running news, I’ve got my first race of 2015 this weekend: The womens only Smokies 10 (mile) road race in and around Arbroath. I had written previously that I anticipated another PB in that distance, but with moving, my unexpected visit home last week (which will be my next post, whenever that is!) and a left foot that’s been bugging me for a while now, I’m just going to take it easy and see what happens. I’m not going to race this race.

Until next post friends!

p.s. You can get me sporadically on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram… hopefully.


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