Because Family

Last month, I went home to Winnipeg unexpectedly. I went home for this guy.


I went home because my now 89 year old grandpa was in the hospital and I felt I needed to be there. I went home for my mom. I went home just in case. The last thing I expected to do in 2015 was to go to Winnipeg for a week, but I just felt this is something I had to do. I booked my ticket with Air France on a Sunday, and flew out of Aberdeen in the wee hours of the next morning. Ironically, that plane ticket is the cheapest ticket home I’ve bought since I moved to Scotland!


Three plane journeys, three countries, four separate times through security and sixteen hours later, I had arrived in Winnipeg.

Everyday consisted of the same routine: get up early (jet lag!), make food, shower, hospital, visiting with family, go to bed early (jet lag!). I didn’t run at all when I was home for two reasons: to rest my left foot and because it was freezing (-8’C was the warmest day). Erin I have no idea how you do it in Minnesnowta!


Some days, I’d walk to wherever I was going. Some days, I’d clean and cook for my mom. Everyday, I went to the hospital to spend time with my grandpa, my grandma and my aunts. It was difficult in some ways, but it was nice to see that my grandpa still had his sense of humour. He made some funny jokes while I was there.

And like any trip home, good food was involved.

One of the best meals was cooked by my Aunt Sandy, a reader of this blog. She cooked a totally primal meal of chicken curry, salad, oven-roasted cauliflower and Saffron rice pilaf. It was amazing and I’m eternally grateful for it. I also very much enjoyed her and my Uncle Ian’s company.


Another memorable meal was cooked by my Grandma, the one with the hamburger soup recipe. It was not at all primal, but as I said on Instagram, when your 88 year old grandmother cooks a homemade meal for four of her children and two of her grandchildren, you don’t request changes; you eat it!


And that’s what I did: homemade bread, French Canadian tourtiere (ground pork pie) with cranberry sauce, and roast beef. While the meal wasn’t totally primal, it still tasted delicious.


I also went out for meals with family and friends. I went to Deer and Almond in the Exchange District, just up the street from my dad’s gallery, with my dad, my sister and my Uncle Larry.


And to the Marion Street Eatery for a delicious brunch with the Sasakis: Aunt Sandy, my cousin Sydney, my dad and my Uncle Ian.



I also found time to see some long time friends: Sarah from university, Emily and Sheila from high school, Christie from softball and Adrienne from elementary school. I’m so lucky to have such amazing women as friends, and our visits were just what I needed.


Sarah and I


Adrienne and I


Mom and I

The word I’d use to describe this trip home would be bittersweet: I got to see my Canada people and my hometown, but under not so great circumstances. I’m very happy I went and feel it was for the best. It had been over two years since I had been in Winnipeg, and it’s great to go home to reconnect and rekindle.

Grandpa is still here if you’re wondering.


13 thoughts on “Because Family

  1. Way to go, sometimes it can be too easy to put it off until another day. And sometimes another day never comes. Enjoy your family and friends while they are all still around. Great writing as always.

  2. Beautiful family. I’m so glad you were able to get home to spend time with them and your grandpa. Sending hugs, my friend ❤

    It's a wee bit warmer down here in MSP than my hometown of Hallock 🙂 But, the near floor length down jacket sure helps! (Fingers crossed, it's put away for the season because it's 60F here today!)

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