35 Facts for 35 Years


Almost a month ago, I turned 35. We were in the midst of moving, life was hectic and stressful, so writing a more timely post wasn’t an option. We also juuuuuuust got the internet today. In honour of my 35th (36th techinically?) year of life, I’m sharing with you, dear readers, facts about me you may not know. Something a little different from the usual primal food, nutrition information and running tales.

1. I was born February 28th, minutes from midnight, on a leap year. The doctor asked my mom if she wanted to wait until the 29th to deliver, and I imagine she said “Hells no! Get this f-ing baby out of me!” or something to that effect 😉

2. I used to condemn swearing. Now, if amongst colleagues and Pat, I swear far too much!

3. I address my students over swearing in class. Pot calling kettle black…

4. I’m horrible for losing earring backs. I lose about one a month and have bought new earrings in the past just to have more backs.

5. I listen to Arcade Fire or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack when I write blog posts. And I sing along to the songs. Pat makes fun of me for it.

6. My idea of a night out is dinner at an amazing restaurant then karaoke. I love karaoke.

7. I love cooking, but I hate smelling of it.

8. I love the process of making bone broth and what it does for you nutritionally, but I can’t stand the smell of it. It makes me gag! As a result, I have yet to drink it out of the mug.

9. Whenever I cook mushrooms, I always think of Amy Adams as Julie from Julie and Julia saying “Is this what you mean by ‘don’t crowd the mushrooms’ Julia?”

10. I was 21 when I first went downhill skiing on a mountain.

11. I’m very bad for getting into bands, music artists years later. An example would be completely missing out on Arcade Fire when I lived in Canada.

12. I’m really bad with mobile phones: I smashed two screens last year alone. Until the end of this year, I have two mobile phones: a Samsung S4 (with smashed screen) that I use as a multimedia device. I say this because, as a result of water damage, everything on the phone apart from what reads a SIM card works – apps, camera, notes, calculator, etc. For calling and texting, I use an old Samsung Galaxy Ace. I can’t wait until November.

13. I write all my blog posts in Microsoft Word then copy and paste into WordPress.

14. My laptop is an ancient PC. I’m buying a new laptop.

15. Throughout my school years, I got in trouble from teachers for talking ALL THE TIME! As a result, my desk went in the hallway, I got kept in from recess or got detention.

16. In high school, my friends and most of my teachers called me Dan.

17. I also used to get detention in Junior High because I didn’t do my homework. Surprise Mom and Dad! 😉

18. I’m so grateful my parents got me braces.

19. I love watching Scandinavian crime dramas, like The Bridge, Arne Dahl and The Killing.

20. When we watch foreign films, I imitate the words and expressions said by characters. At that moment.

21. I hate it people on Instagram and WIAW use the words ‘crave’ and ‘addicted’ in the context of wanting or eating a certain food: from a primal perspective, one shouldn’t experience either of these due to a lower carbohydrate diet, and if someone does experience actual cravings and thus feelings of withdrawal, this suggests many negativities with regard to their specific diet. I find these negative connotations are suggestive that one is actually physically dependent on a certain food, thus it being an addiction. And yes, food addiction is a real thing. Rather than using ‘crave’, ‘craving’ or ‘I’m so addicted to [x food]’ why not just say ‘I really wanted to eat [x food] because I’ve been loving it lately. It’s so good!’ There’s no harm in that, right? Rant over.

22. I want to learn Swedish and Danish.

23. When it comes to cracking eggs, I’m the worst! I always get at least a tiny bit of shell with it.

24. I like to notice word patterns and word families. I like word origins too.

25. My work is haunted. Like, big time. I’ve seen things and heard things. So have numerous colleagues and students.

26. My students can’t quite wrap their heads around the fact that I’m Canadian, but of Japanese – French Canadian descent.

27. I’m thinking about entering the ballot for the 2016 Berlin Marathon.

28. I learned to drive a manual transmission when I was 18 and I haven’t looked back since.

29. I have to remind myself that I’m 35. I’ve felt 27 for about 8 years now!

30. I want a dog the way some women want children.

31. I love air travel.

32. When I was 19, I remember sitting in Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, travelling home from Florida, watching all the big planes take off. I used to wish I could be on those big planes. Now, a trip home to Winnipeg consists of two big plane journeys. I love it.

33. I love to chew peppermint gum.

34. I know I won’t be a teacher until I retire.

35. Pat and I met while we were both on holiday with friends, in Mexico. On New Year’s Eve.


12 thoughts on “35 Facts for 35 Years

  1. Happy belated! I think you should definitely enter the ballot for the Berlin Marathon. Also, nothing wrong with listening to Arcade Fire or yet anything over and over. I feel like I’ve been listening to First Aid Kit’s latest album on repeat for the past six months. It could be worse. It could be Taylor Swift’s 1989.

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