Dear Grandpa


You were the only grandpa I really knew.

I remember going to the farm as a little kid, and seeing all your chickens in the barn. I remember playing in your tractor shed, climbing up and into your tractors, pretending to drive them. The same with your school bus.

I remember Christmas with you during your bus driver days: you had the most presents to unwrap, not us grandkids!

You loved Pepsi, and as a result, so did I (for while). You loved a good meal and sweet baking, and really, who could resist grandma’s homemade treats?

I remember when you cut the tip off your finger on the combine at the farm: I was a four year old little girl that had a grand imagination, and as a result, I refused to go into your house for a family dinner because of what that imagination had concocted in my mind about your finger tip. Clearly, I blew that out of proportion!

I remember visiting you and Grandma in Florida, and rollerblading around your senior’s trailer park.

You were married to Grandma for 67 years!!!! As you used to say WOW!

Despite having only a grade 8 education (13 years old), you were one of the most intelligent people I know. You would often share all these detailed facts with us, always involving numbers of some kind. And you read so much!

You did your best to make us laugh. I remember you used to make my Grandma Sasaki laugh all the time. I loved the sound of your laugh too.

I remember all the French words and terms of endearment you’d use with us, and it didn’t matter to you that we didn’t all speak French with you. In retrospect, I wish I had.

Most of all, I remember that you loved all of us. You would greet us all with a wave of your hand, saying “Hi hi” and a kiss on the cheek. I got that same, more excited kiss on the cheek the day I arrived in Winnipeg, and came to see you at the hospital. I had hoped my mom would keep it a surprise from you, but she said she couldn’t for fear of you having another heart attack! 🙂

Whenever we parted ways, you would tell all of us grandchildren “Pepere loves you.” We love you.

I’m glad I got one last chance to see you, to spend time with you and to say goodbye.

You will be so missed grandpa because you were such a wonderful person. Rather than be sad, I choose to keep remembering all the times you made me smile, which puts a smile on my face.

Rest peacefully now Grandpa.

Love always,


In memory of my grandpa, Leo Joseph Dumaine, March 6th, 1927 to April 8th, 2015.


13 thoughts on “Dear Grandpa

  1. A truly heartfelt post. So sorry to hear your sad news. I’m glad you were able to visit him again. Your grandpa was obviously a very special part of your life. Hang on to those memories and remember them with fondness. I’m sure he was very proud of you x

  2. Dearest niece, I wish you would have been here and read your eulogy of Grandpa/Dad, a beautiful heartfelt story of his life. You are a wonderful writer D, and am always so proud of you. Love you always, Aunt Lucille

  3. *Lovely Danielle. **He was a lovely, **lovely man – always with a ready smile and **always glad to see you. I am glad you got to see him before he passed.

    I am going to have your gramma over for dinner once everything dies down.


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  5. Beautifully written memories!! Made me think of my grandparents and how lucky my brother and I were to experience their love and wisdom!!

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