{WIAW} Eggcellent Primal Eats

As a primal eater, a question I often get asked from many non-primal people is “But what do you eat?????”

What I Ate Wednesday posts are a way to answer that question and to be completely transparent with my meals. It’s also a resource for new meal ideas!

The answer to that question is eggs…. judging by today’s post 😉

Breakfast was my usual:

20150506_070928 (2)

A bulletproof espresso, made of 2 shots of Lavazza espresso, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter and a heaped tsp of xylitol to sweeten it. Have you tried the goodness that is a bulletproof coffee? This is what I get up for in the morning!

One egg fried over hard in butter, with salt and pepper. Served with stewed vegetables, (I will post the recipe soon enough).

I cut up my egg and mix it all together because this – besides scrambling eggs – is about the only way I’ll eat the yoke too. I just don’t like the consistency of egg yoke at all, but I know it’s a nutritional powerhouse, cholesterol included. Eggs aren’t nicknamed ‘Nature’s multivitamin’ for nothing!

20150506_071038 (2)

No breakfast is complete without a bowl of three fruits (mango, kiwi, plum) with coconut cream and a crumbled Nutter bomb. I will never tire of this. Ever.

20150506_072103 (2)Lunch consisted of more eggy goodness:

20150502_121057 (2)

A 2-egg omelette with mushrooms, kale, red pepper and green onion. Served with fried, sliced prosciutto on top! A bit protein heavy, but totally hit the spot and kept me satisfied.

Dinner was oven-baked chicken leg and thigh, cooked in ghee and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and paprika. I also baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and peppers in the same seasoning. We had steamed broccoli on the side.

20150504_192833 (2)

Dessert was a bowl of sliced strawberries, more coconut cream and some stewed rhubarb I made, flavoured with vanilla and orange. It was so. good.

20150502_202903 (2)


2 thoughts on “{WIAW} Eggcellent Primal Eats

  1. Yum! It’s 5.50am and I could eat any one of those meals right now!!! (Until I started reading I didn’t think I was hungry ☺)

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