{WIAW} French Primal

The weekly blog party of meals and food!And a way for me, a primal eater, to showcase the delicious and never boring meals I eat on a daily basis.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!

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If you’ve not figured out by now, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast.

Lately, it’s been an egg fried over hard, with stewed vegetables.

ย ย  20150513_071019 (2)

I also enjoy my bowl of fruit (raspberries, plum, apricot and blueberries) mixed with coconut cream and a Nutter Bomb.

20150513_071905 (2)

And no meal is complete without a bulletproof espresso. It’s my favourite part of breakfast! Sweet, rich coffee, it doesn’t get any better. I make mine with two shots espresso + 1 tbsp butter + 2 tbsp coconut oil + 1 heaped tsp xylitol. Heaven.

20150420_070317 (2)


One of my favourite dishes lately, a salad that I will be sharing on the blog soon enough.

20150422_200228 (2)

Seasoned, grilled chicken, served with a salad of all sorts of crunchy vegetables, blue cheese and avocado. It’s what Mark Sisson terms ‘a big ass salad.’ The best accompaniment to it is a sweet potato baked in ghee.


And oh what a dinner it was!!!!

20150510_192322 (2)

The Domestic Man’s Beef Bourgignon, along with roasted potatoes and carrots, served with a side salad. As Julia Child (aka Meryl Streep) says in Julie and Julia “Bon Appetit!”

This Beef (Boeuf) Bourgignon is to DIE for!!! If you’ve got about three hours at home one day, go out and get yourself the very basic ingredients for this recipe, you won’t be disppointed. I promise.

And keeping with the primal French cuisine, my dessert was a new favourite: Every Last Bite’s Berry Clafoutis. Wow. I made mine with blueberries and apricot, and served it with coconut cream and British strawberries, (there’s a difference, trust me!). This recipe is so amazingly good, but is also made with ingredients that one should have in their primal pantry. Served with a cup of peppermint tea, this is the perfect way to finish a day.

20150510_203430 (2)

This may be the last time I attend this blog party. I’ve got several reasons why I may discontinue my attendance, but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of seeing what I eat in a day. No sir. I’ve got my own ideas on what to do, and I may even start my own link up party one day too. Would you like to come???


8 thoughts on “{WIAW} French Primal

  1. I would love to come along for the linkup. That dessert looks to. die. for. If only I could get British strawberries state-side, but I’m hoping California ones will make up for it. They’re perfectly in season right now.

    • Oh that’s good to know!!! I’m still working out the details in my head, but give me about a month (because life!) and it should be up here soon.

      Have you ever been strawberry picking???? Those strawberries – sweet, soft, smaller – are what British ones taste like. Not the huge, hard tasteless things I remember buying in Canada. And yes, that recipe is amazing and made with ingredients you may already have. Try it!

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