Train Low, Race High for Endurance Athletes

After a brief hiatus due to our annual summer holiday, I’m back! Kinda.

Check out my third article for Primal Eye Magazine, a fitness piece on a weapon in my training arsenal: Train Low, Race High. It’s all about training in a lower glycogen state – achieved through timely carb consumption – then racing with muscles stocked to the brim with energy. This allows the paleo or primal fat-adapted endurance athlete to use fat as a main fuel for training, and makes more efficient use of glycogen stores, which results in not hitting the wall or bonking so quickly. You can effectively run without needing to depend on pre-run and mid-run fuel, and run towards many PB’s. Like me.

Read the full article here.

And, if you’re wondering about being fat-adapted, or a fat-burner as opposed to a sugar-burner, check out my Primal Lessons post all about the two types of fuel your body can use. I also have an updated version on tap for Primal Eye as well.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my post about our trip to Ireland!


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