{Recipe} Strawberry Tarts

Check out a classic British summer recipe I posted last year that can be paleo, primal or keto. I’ll take one now please 🙂

Eat Primal, Run Hard

The best part about Scotland in the summer is the strawberries. They’re sweet, they’re softer, they’re local and they’re nothing like the gigantic, tasteless super strawbs I used to buy from grocery stores when I lived in Canada. These strawberries remind me of summers growing up, going to the lake with my family and my Grandma Sasaki, and stopping to pick strawberries from a farm on the way home. Those strawberries were distinctive in taste and a part of lasting memories. Until I moved to Scotland and had summer strawberries here, I thought the only place I could buy strawberries like that were from these Upick farms.

A popular summer treat that’s made with Scottish Strawberries (in fact, it’s made across Britain), is strawberry tarts. Shortbread or shortcrust pastry, subtly sweet cream, fresh British strawberries and sometimes, a sweet artificially coloured, sugary gel over top. Delicious, apart from the fakery.

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