What I Eat (Wednesday)

It’s Wednesday, let’s talk food. Let’s talk about what I eat on a weekend day, following the paleo diet. Why emphasise weekend? Because it’s slower, and my eating patterns change from 3 meals a day during the week, to about 2 on the weekend.

No link ups, no shout outs, just me talking paleo food…. something I can do all day long.


On the weekend, I like to space out my breakfast. When I first wake up, I want bulletproof coffee, but if I drink just that, I feel weird. Despite loving the taste of a bulletproof coffee made with a double shot of espresso, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter and a heaped teaspoon of xylitol for sweetness, my body says “Feed me Seymour Danielle!”

20150603_072924 (2)

So I oblige. I feed it my favourite breakfast fruit bowl: 3 fruits (today’s was kiwi, blueberries from frozen and nectarine – I’ve been loving nectarines lately!), topped with plenty of coconut cream, and a lazy Nutter Bomb.

20150725_080230 (2)

‘Lazy’ because I ran out of actual Nutter Bombs. Sometimes I improvise and sprinkle organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, broken brazil nuts and natural peanut butter over top. I know the Paleo Police will tell me “Peanut butter isn’t paleo,” but I think I’ll be okay. We’re okay eating it in small quantities, and our wallets like it too.


A few hours later, I’ll eat the rest of what is a typical weekday breakfast: my eggs with veg. A two-egg omelette with organic Swiss Chard from the garden, plum tomatoes and mushrooms. Fried mushrooms and eggs are my favourite! Sometimes, I also enjoy a piece of smoked streaky bacon from our local butcher.

20150725_080220 (2)


A large serving of delicious. My dinner always contains a protein and veg, like this delicious grass-fed, peppered rump steak which was on special at my butcher. This fish-shaped steak was HUGE, and so delicious! I served it with Swiss Chard salad; broccoli and asparagus, fried in butter; and some organic potatoes from the garden.

Fun Fact: Did you know Swiss Chard is like Spinach? You can eat it raw or cooked.

IMG_20150718_205444 (2)

I initially didn’t eat all the steak, but I did eat the veg. Vegetables are the only food I recommend you eat as much as you want, especially if they’re from the garden!

Dessert was a delicious, dairy-free fat bomb (from an older photo) and a cup of Mint tea.

20141118_204138Then, I ate the rest of the steak….

What’s your favourite way to eat eggs?

Are your eating patterns different from weekday to weekend?


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