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In the past, I used to regularly write an Inform Yourself Friday post, full of link-ups information, articles, images, quotes, and videos I wanted to share with you all. It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, mainly because the last thing I want to do Friday after work is write a lengthy blog post. But I still want to share all sorts of media with my readers, so I’ve created a new, regular but not weekly series on a Monday, called Media Monday. This will feature some of my favourite pieces I’ve found in the media, from all facets of media.



A topic I’ve been interested in lately is overtraining. I know I will never reach the point where I’m on the cusp of overtraining, but the topic itself, with regards to endurance training, is fascinating. Loren Cordain and Joe Friel write about it, my new favourite name in endurance Phil Maffetone writes about, and it’s something that seems to be featuring more and more in my media world. Running on Empty from Outside Magazine – another new possible favourite of mine – is where I first learned about overtraining syndrome (OTS). While the article focuses on ultrarunners, anyone is at risk of OTS if they’re physically active most days of the week (with most workouts anaerobic), their dietary choices aren’t the best, they lead stressful lives, and don’t allow time for recovery.

I apologise in advance, but something that truly annoys me with regards to weight loss is the huge focus on Fitbits and steps. I’ve never bought into the concept, nor do I own one (proudly), but there are many people I know that assume daily steps will help their quest to lose weight. Dr Asseem Malhotra, a big name in fighting obesity on the UK, wrote Take Off That Fitbit. Exercise Alone Won’t Make You Lose Weight to tackle this long held assumption that exercise is an effective weight loss tool. It’s not, I’m living proof. Changing your diet will have a far greater effect than exercise.

A while back, I read a fantastic article by Mark Sisson called The Importance of Non-Negotiable, “No Matter What” Rules, which talks about goal-setting, striving to reach those goals, and what you’re not willing to compromise in your pursuit of this goal. What is your non-negotiable rule you stick to, no matter what? For me, it’s vegetables at every meal.

Finally, my latest post on Primal Eye is out: Sugar-Burner vs. Fat-Burner, an updated post on the two types of fuel your body can use as energy. You want to be a fat-burner, but are you? Read the article to find out.



It’s only taken me how long to get into them???? I used to think I never had time, then realised they were like listening to music or the radio: I could listen while cooking, cleaning or doing the rare house project! Pat and I are going to load his iPod with podcasts for our next road trip. I use the app Stitcher (for Android) to listen to all my podcasts.

My absolute favourite podcast right now is The Primal Endurance podcast. I’m not even half way through the series, but it’s already so interesting! And revolutionary for endurance athletes. My favourite episode so far is #3 Phil Maffetone, an innovator in the world of endurance sports. He’s a softer spoken man with big ideas and bold statements – “Being fit doesn’t mean you’re healthy.” He’s also the founder of the 180 Formula, used to improve aerobic fitness via heart rate training rather than constantly doing interval training, which puts you into the anaerobic training zone, causing much stress to the body.

p.s. I encourage you to explore Maffetone’s website too, he’s got some great ideas.

Another podcast I enjoy is the Nom Nom Paleo podcast, an extremely cute family affair by Michelle Tam, Henry Fong and their sons, the double O’s. I confess, I only listen to the series because it’s so adorable! That was until episode #3 with Gregory Gourdet, top paleo chef at PDX in Portland, recovering addict, ultrarunner and nice person. GG is inspirational on many levels, and comes across as such a cool person in this podcast. He’s my ‘Crush of the Week’!


While on the topic of GG, I encourage you to check out his TED Talk, entitled Look in the Mirror: a life reinvented.

Gregory Gourdet is a recovering addict and alcoholic, and talks about how he overcame this and became the (paleo) chef he is today. #inspirational


Pat has just started the taper for his first half ironman later this month. Throughout the 15 weeks he’s been training, he’s experimented with mid-race fuel sources. Last week, for a 50 mile cycle, he made Cotter Crunch’s Honey Bacon Rice Cakes to try. Not only did they do the trick, but they’re just sweet enough, which is good news for someone trying to avoid sugar.

I’ve been crazy about my Beet(root) Slaw, and make it pretty much every other day to eat on its own or toss into a larger salad. It’s also great to build muscle glycogen πŸ™‚



To finish this post, two books I highly recommend for the paleo runner:

1. The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel.

2. Performance Paleo Cookbook by Steph Gaudreau.

Both valuable sources for eating to recover and build glycogen, as well as avoiding overreaching and overtraining. Anyone serious about fueling their athletic performance needs these books, paleo or not.

20150615_192948 (2)

What have you read lately?

What’s your favourite podcast?


6 thoughts on “Media Monday

  1. My favourite podcast is Marathon Talk. Those guys have kept me company on all my long runs this year and I even managed to sneak in a wee mention on a recent episode. I also like to indulge my techy side by listening to the DC Rainmaker podcast as I enjoy his blog.

  2. Agree about the FitBits -AND-I nearly fell over when I saw what price they were one day in John Lewis. Ridiculous! For me, the aversion is how it totally programmes people into overriding yet again the simple skills of looking at and listening to your body. Something I know all too well, having been totally out of tune with mine for most of my life! Some tech is good, some is bad. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! πŸ™‚ X

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