Wednesday: What I Ate

No link ups, no mentions, no cute logos – just the paleo food I eat in a day, to feed my muscles, guts and brain.


Creature of habit. That’s what you can call me, especially when it comes to food. I’m the type of person that will eat the shit out of a food, only to get sick of it and not eat it for a while. Except with my breakfast.

20150810_071013 (2)

I have been eating a variation of the same breakfast for over a year now, and it never gets boring. I eat the eggs + 3 vegetables, my bowl of coconut cream + fruit + nutter bomb and drink my bulletproof espresso because they all provide a ton of nutrients to nourish my body and to keep me ticking happily until lunch. And they just taste incredible. Lately, my eggs + veg has been a premade fritata, prepped on the weekend.

My fruit was nectarine (a favourite lately), an organic kiwi and local blueberries.

20150810_071019 (2)


I like a hot lunch, even in the summer, (because Scottish summers are not the scorchers you get in North America or mainland Europe – thanks jetstream). I also like leftovers for lunch, so what better way to dine at work than to enjoy some heated leftovers? Especially when they’re of the Domestic Man’s Boeuf Bourgignon, my absolute favourite way to eat beef.

20150812_065559 (2)

It doesn’t look so hot as cold food, packed for work, served with broccoli fried in butter, salt, pepper and garlic, and organic Charlotte potatoes from our garden….. Despite the addition of a Bounty Fat Bomb….

But, served up hot the night before? Droolworthy.

20150811_200617 (2)

By the way, those potatoes are organic, from our garden.

IMG_20150811_210105 (2)

I also had a massive mug of Match green tea at lunch, with said fat bomb.

When I got home from school, I had a small handful of roasted almonds.


Another meal that demonstrates my creature of habit-ness. I made Chicken Cacciatore to eat with spiralised courgette – ‘zoodles’ in the US, and ‘courgetti’ here. I would’ve made another batch of my Bolognese sauce, but I think that would be beef overload! And of course, I topped it with grated parmesan, basically the only dairy I eat lately. On top of the marscapone in this week’s fat bomb.

20150812_200036 (2)

I added a small piece of baked sweet potato to this to feed my muscles for tomorrow’s speed session at running. I follow Train Low, Race High, and don’t want heavy legs tomorrow night. I didn’t finish all of this, so it will be part of my lunch tomorrow!

I also enjoyed a palm full of fresh raspberries and strawberries grown locally. And a large mug of peppermint tea.

And that’s the paleo food I ate this Wednesday 🙂

What’s your favourite way to eat beef?

Dairy: yay? or nay?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday: What I Ate

  1. Tip: Bulletproof Coffee is intended to be consumed by itself as part of your Intermittent Fasting. If you’re combining sugars (fruit) + fat (Bulletproof Coffee) = not good. If you read Dave (Asprey’s) book, you’ll note advocates an IF approach and using his coffee to keep hunger at bay/increase ketosis.

    • I’m not aiming for ketosis, just continuing to be fat-adapted. Interesting point of view you present: I actually read bulletproof coffee should be consumed as part of balanced breakfast, as per Authority Nutrition. I also currently don’t practice IF, and if I by chance consume the coffe on its own, I actually don’t feel well. I’ve never been able to drink a cup of coffee on its own because of this. Good tips for someone who wants to be in ketosis and do IF though, thanks.

  2. I also feel much better eating a sizable, fatty meal when I consume coffee, whether I add cream/butter/oil to the coffee or not. I typically eat 2-3 fried eggs and at least 1/2 of a sweet potato, or a potato hash (potatoes, cabbage, ham or sausage, onion, swiss chard or spinach). The black coffee finishes the meal. Bulletproof coffee with the butter and oil did not satisfy my hunger at all. But I also have low blood sugar and cannot fast or skip meals.

    • I generally don’t fast unless traveling or if I’m up very early. I think above all, like you’ve demonstrated with your example, a full meal of protein, fat and good carbs is more important than simply a bulletproof coffee. To me, the dessert at the end.

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