Eat Primal, Run Hard Round-Up

What do you do when you’ve got many bits of news that aren’t big enough for blog posts on their own? You create an aptly named round up 🙂


… all the courgetti. Last week, I received my spiraliser in the mail. Is it possible to be in love with an inanimate object? If so, I’m head over heels for my spiraliser.

20150812_185146 (2)

Every time I’ve used it lately, I’ve made Italian-inspired sauces to go with my courgetti (courgette + spaghetti):

My primal Bolognese sauce:

IMG_20150805_213644 (2)

Or a Chicken Cacciatore, a dish I concocted based on some quick internet browsing of existing recipes. I’ll post my own in due time because it was delicious.

IMG_20150812_210906 (2)


… Success story on Mark’s Daily Apple, called “From Surviving to Thriving: Power Couple Becomes Primal Team.” It’s pretty surreal to see our photos and story on MDA, but the whole point of the Friday Success Stories is to show how different people make primal work. And Pat and I do. I will need to write a follow-up here, because so much more has happened in our lives since I submitted that post.

20150715_000206 (2)


… with my heart rate monitor, using the 180 Formula. Lately, as a result of listening to the Primal Endurance podcast and discovering Phil Maffetone, I’ve been focusing on training in a different way. Rather than two speed sessions a week with my club, and a long run at steady pace on the weekend, I’ve been slowing the F down.

Working in the anaerobic zone can be beneficial for your endurance fitness, but it’s quite stressful for the body, (your anatomy and physiology), which will ultimately lead to injury and illness, a far too common occurrence in running. It also only uses glycogen as a fuel source, not fat, meaning your muscle energy will burn out, but your fat deposits won’t. Maffetone’s 180 formula is a way of increasing your aerobic base, but without the stress.

It’s been employed by everyone from six-time Kona champ Mark Allen, to my husband Pat, who’s using it for his first 70.3 training. I’m three weeks into it, and have seen an improvement already. The formula is very simple: subtract your chronological age from 180. The answer is your maximum heart rate at which you’ll be running. I’m 35, so my heart rate according to the 180 Formula is 145. I added 5 because, according to the website, I’ve been injury-free for over 2 years and have had a noticeable improvement in my running, (thanks primal eating and Primal Blueprint fitness because personal best don’t just happen). Twice a week, I do heart rate training, running at 145-150 beats per minute; this includes my long run. I’m also only doing 1 speed session a week with my club.


The pace is soooooo slooooowwwwwww….. I usually run sub-9 minute miles, but with this training, my splits are between 10:50 to 11 minute miles! I’ve seen some improvement though: Tuesday, my average pace was 10:15 instead. #slowisthenewfast

While still on the topic of Phil Maffetone, my lastest fitness post on Primal Eye, inspired by his thinking, is live. It’s called “A Holistic Approach to Training,” and promotes approaching your endurance training in a way that not only benefits you in your sport, but also keeps you fit and healthy. Through self-evaluation, you can be a better runner by training smarter, not harder.


… terrain. Each summer month at running club has us training somewhere in the countryside surrounding Stonehaven. This month, Tuesday sessions are at Dunnottar Castle:

IMG_20150804_205653 (2)

Those cliffs and that steapness alone should give you a good idea that this month’s Tuesdays are tough! And all off-road. And yes, we run down to the castle door and back up dozens of flights of stairs….

This is in preparation for a club hill race next Thursday, and the Fare Challenge, an off-road 10km I’ll be running in two weeks.

August running = trails, hills, mud and 145 🙂

What do you make with your spiraliser?

How do you make primal work?

What’s your 180 Formula heart rate?

What races have you got coming up?


6 thoughts on “Eat Primal, Run Hard Round-Up

  1. Great blog. I just found you through your amazing post on MDA. Congrats on all the success! I also just got a spiralizer and I’m obsessed. Made a Thai chicken last night using zoodles instead of the brown rice we used to serve it with. The spicy peanut sauce coated the zoodles so nicely. I’m getting my non-veggie kids to eat a lot more veg because of spiralizing.

  2. YAY for spiralizer! I use mine pretty much every single week. Recently I used the flat blade option and made sweet potato chips that I fried in some coconut oil and then salted. So delicious. Even Nick liked them and he hates coconut oil. But let’s be honest, I don’t ever tell him how much coconut I actually use in everything I make.
    Those cliffs look….scary…but beautiful. If only you knew what hills I see here. They look like NOTHING compared to that.

    • Spiralizer for the win! I’m pretty obsessed with it. I need to branch out from Italian sauces though. The potato chips sound good! I was thinking of something similar, but with white potatoes, oven-baked in ghee.

      Scotland’s scenery is so raw and dramatic. It’s quite unique too 🙂

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