Media Monday – 24 August

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My regular but not weekly series on a Monday, featuring some great pieces I’ve found in the media lately.


Because I’m all about self-promotion, check out my latest health article on Primal Eye, about the physiological affects of transitioning to a paleo-primal diet, also known as ‘low-carb flu.’This is a more in-depth take on a Primal Lessons post I wrote a while back, and this time includes science-backed explanations as to why, when we ditch the grains and sugar for real food, we don’t feel so great for a while. How did your primal transition go? Mine was not too bad, because I transitioned gradually, but I initially got severe cravings for Pepsi that lasted for about four days.


This next post arrived via email this morning from Phil Maffetone‘s website. When Athletes Have Heart Attacks delves into a not-so-spoken of, but commonly experienced facet of the endurance sports world: being fit doesn’t mean you’re healthy. How many runners do you know that are frequently injured? Frequently ill? Carry excess body fat? And this is despite running multiple half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons in a year. It just doesn’t make sense, unless you delve a bit deeper, which Maffetone does.One of the best lines from this article, something Maffetone is known for, is:

The key to the optimal human experience and long-term performance is to find the balance between fitness and health.

A poignant statement, which I feel is the whole point of my blog.

While on the topic of Maffetone, check out my last fitness post on Primal Eye, inspired by him, called A Holistic Approach to Training.

As August is coming to an end, and kids are going back to school, people are reminiscing over their summer holidays. Like fellow Primal Eye writer Caroline Watson, in her article Helicopter Holidays: The myth of relaxing holidays with ‘entertainment’ for the kids. I am not a parent, but plan to eventually be one, but I will say one thing: helicopter parents drive me crazy. I’ve also observed that ‘growing up’ now is a very different concept than it was when I was a kid. Watson’s article details how she went about her summer, camping holiday with her kids, letting them explore and experience, within a given set of parameters that her and her husband created, allowing everyone to have a more relaxing and rewarding time.

On the topic of food, a recent comment made me think about the bacon I eat. Here in the UK, it’s next to impossible to buy nitrate-free bacon, so what’s a paleo-primal person to do? You could just not eat bacon. Or you could read this article from Authority Nutrition on nitrates and nitrites, which gives the lowdown on whether they’re really that bad for you. Spoiler: I avoid burning my bacon.

When it comes to sweeteners, I don’t use the usual honey or maple syrup. I use a more keto sweetener: xylitol. Mine is non-GMO birch tree extract, that is subtly sweet, good for your teeth, and does nothing to blood glucose levels, in comparison to honey and maple syrup. Xylitol is also diabetic-friendly. Sticking to Authority Nutrition, because I do love a science-backed read, check out this article telling you everything you need to know about my preferred choice of sweet stuff.

Finally, to hold on to summer, why not try making my recipe for Strawberry Tarts? Or pie? The linked recipe can be paleo, primal or keto, and dairy-free. It is above all, gluten-free. And of course, delicious. Buy yourself some ground almonds, fresh strawberries and go to town this weekend.

strawberry tarts 4


I haven’t been listening to many podcasts lately, except for this one, whose thoughts and ideas are still resonating in my mind. Episode 9 of the Primal Endurance podcast features a replayed episode of the Primal Blueprint podcast, a conversation between two HUGE names in the primal and endurance sport world: Mark Sisson and Dr. Timothy Noakes. There were so many great points discussed, and both men were absolutely humbled by the opportunity. You need to make time to listen to this episode.



A non-primal, non-food, non-running related film. I want you to watch this just because I love it.

As someone with 20 years experience working with children and teenagers in either a recreational or educational setting, this film is brilliant! It gives a visual representation to extremely abstract concepts, far too abstract for children to understand, and creates dialogue to many deeper concepts. I’ve been able to chat about it with my students at school, and today, my nephews. The creative genius behind this film must have spent quite some time thinking about it, the way I think about posts before they’re written. A definite must-see, even if you don’t have children.

What have you readlistenwatched lately?


4 thoughts on “Media Monday – 24 August

  1. Those tarts look delicious. It has been forever since I’ve actually made anything with sweeteners in it. I look for fruit to bring natural sweetness into any treats I’m having – although the coconut butter that I have been enjoying lately does have a little bit of honey in it, but only 3g of sugar per serving which to me seems so little compared to the fruit that I eat sometimes.
    I also recently tired eythritol (Swerve brand) in my paleo cheesecake recipe. It was pretty good, but because I have an extremely violent sugar monster, I try to stay away from overly sweet things.

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