What I Ate with my Coconut Friend

I know my blog has been a bit quiet lately, but for good reason. Last week, my very good friend, and Coconut Friend, Alicia, came for a visit. This was a most special visit because, after living in Berlin for two years, she is now moving back to Canada. Alicia’s visit was the last time we will see each other for a while. The two paleo friends were reunited, albeit temporarily.

Something I’ve always wanted to do in her last two visits is take Alicia to another part of Scotland. I got that opportunity last week. We went to the Cairngorms, the mountains in the centre of Scotland. We did some mountain biking, we hiked, we talked, we played some Farm Heroes Saga (aka Paleo Candy Crush), and of course, we ate paleo food! We were staying in self-catering accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, which made staying paleo second nature. Below are some highlights of the delicious paleo dishes we enjoyed together.


Even though I was away, with my friend, I didn’t deviate from my usual creature-of-habit breakfast. How can you when it tastes so good?

My usual 3 fruit bowl of crumbled Nutter Bomb with Coconut milk instead of cream. I didn’t premake my cream like I normally do.

20150827_081104 (3)

This was enjoyed daily with a two-egg and three vegetable omelette, along with the best part of a primal breakfast: bulletproof espresso. Two tablespoons coconut oil + 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter + xylitol to sweeten = ideal.

20150603_072901 (2)


A quite straightforward meal, really. Take premade protein and serve with ample vegetables and a healthy fat. I made a large beet(root) and broccoli salad for our mini-holiday, and we bought some seafood from Lidl to eat as lunch protein.

One day we had peppered, hot-smoked salmon with the salad:

IMG_20150826_212757 (2)

Another day, we had steamed shrimp, salad and avocado:

20150827_120628 (2)

We also made Nom Nom Paleo Kahlua Pig, and I had it with salad:

20150830_134458 (2)

In between meals, we enjoyed the beautiful, raw scenery that is rural Scotland.

20150827_152557 (2)

And also went on a hike!

IMG_20150827_210412 (2)

Although it doesn’t seem like it, I am mid-air amongst the boulders

During our afternoon quiet time, we had copious cups of peppermint tea or Match green tea, and may have enjoyed a Banana-Chocolate Swirl muffin. The recipe I used was inspired by the Civilized Caveman Paleo Chocolate Banana Bread.



Our first night, we went out for Indian food in Aberdeen. While not strictly paleo, we were able to stick to the template to a degree and enjoyed curried paneer (Indian cheese) with vegetables, Chicken tikka and lemon rice (#teamwhiterice). Our second night, we had some leftover Indian food, along with some honey garlic chicken wings and salad.

20150826_204131 (2)

We also went out to my favourite restaurant in Scotland for a delicious meal after a day of mountain biking and hill walking. The Old Bridge Inn, situated in Aviemore, is fine dining in a casual atmosphere. The food is home cooking at its finest, made with ingredients that are grown or reared locally. I had Aberdeen Angus filet steak with chanterelle mushrooms (which are easily found in forests here), an oven-dried tomato, onion gratin, boiled baby potatoes and a small piece of breaded, deep-fried ox tongue.

20150827_190119 (2)

The best part about the Old Bridge Inn is that they believe in food quality, so I know nothing is processed, frozen or packaged. I don’t feel I need to modify my meals when dining there, to keep them primal. I did try the ox tongue, because offal is good for you, but I found the breading actually tasted quite horrible – I do wonder if this is from the tongue itself. That aside, this meal was divine.

And as if I hadn’t had enough beef, the next night, we enjoyed a meat heavy meal of steak, honey garlic chicken wings, mash with organic potatoes from the garden, and courgetti with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and garlic.

20150828_195031 (2)

This is what happens when you drive home from this scenery:


And then stop at the butcher to take advantage of their steak special, only to come home to see that your considerate husband has already taken chicken wings out of the freezer to thaw. I didn’t eat all that meat in one sitting, and enjoyed the rest of my steak for leftovers the following day.

I also enjoyed some Medjool dates with generous servings of almond butter, a real primal delight that, with some chocolate, is totally like a candy bar! To be enjoyed in moderation of course.

Alicia and I spent an awesome 5 days together just hanging out, enjoying girl talk and eating. When you’re with someone you truly care about, you don’t need to do go out of your way to make it feel special.

20150829_174249 (2)

What’s your usual breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

Do you bulletproof?

If you’re looking for some great tips to stay paleo when on holiday, check out my latest post on Primal Eye, the first in a 3-part series on how to Paleo on Holiday.


5 thoughts on “What I Ate with my Coconut Friend

  1. How do you make your coconut cream? Couldn’t find a recipe here, and I’ve been dreaming about how delicious your breakfast looks since you were on mda ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I make my coconut cream using coconut milk. I buy one that has a very high coconut extract percentage (mine is 75% compared to the 36% seen in other coconut milks here), and one that has a high fat content (ours is 18g of fat per 100g). When you shake the tin of coconut milk, there should be little liquid sound inside; the brand we buy barely makes a noise when shaken. We then empty 2 tins into a plastic 1 kg tub, and using our hand blender, blitz it until it’s all combined. Then we store it in the back of our fridge, overnight, and it sets.

      You can try the above instructions, but if that doesn’t work, Nom Nom Paleo also has instructions on how she makes coconut cream.

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