A brief, but droolworthy, look at What I Ate, for this Wednesday.


Hello friends:

20150909_070241 (2)

While I’m very good with mixing it up for lunches and dinner, I’m SUCH a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast. I eat this combination of eggs with veg, fruit + Nutter Bomb + coconut cream day in, and day out because I love it so much.

My eggs with veg combination of late is a fritata made with 10 eggs and three vegetables, sliced into 8. It isn’t my favourite part of this meal, but I know it will do me good and keep my full.

20150909_070255 (2)

My fruit bowl consisted of nectarine, strawberries and kiwi, which is covered by the cream.

And no breakfast (day?) is complete without the best part about being primal: bulletproof coffee. Or espresso if you’re me. Lots of espresso with a tablespoon of butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and xylitol to sweeten make getting up for work in the morning worth it.


I love mise-en-place type of photos, which is why I photographed my packed lunch like this:

20150913_205348 (2)

This lunch consisted of leftover Nom Nom Paleo Kahlua Pig (one of the only ways I enjoy pork), with a chopped salad, (there is sweet potato in their too). Once at work, I added the avocado to the salad, as well as the contents of that jar: chimichurri sauce, my current favourite. I then put the lid back on, and shake it all about.

The pork was from a weekend slow cooked batch. Who doesn’t like shredded meat???!!?

20150913_182716 (2)

My dessert was a dairy-free fat bomb made by Pat, and a large mug of matcha green tea.


To continue the chimichurri obsession, I put it on my chicken wings:

20150912_193552 (2)

I baked the wings in ghee with a bit of salt and pepper on top, for 35 minutes altogether, at 200’C. Then I tossed them in the sauce.

This was served with baked sweet potato and more chopped salad. I like chopped salad.

The sweet potato that day, and previous day, did me well: I ran some pretty impressive paces at my running club as a result of the added glycogen, getting intoย just sub-7 minute miles for some speed work. I’m pretty happy with that!

Not pictured was the big mug of peppermint tea, and medjool date with almond butter that I enjoyed for my evening dessert.

What did you eat today?

What’s your favourite way to eat pork?

What’s your favourite paleo sauce?


3 thoughts on “A Wee WIAW

  1. I think I’ve worked out what would be my ideal menu, Wednesdays or otherwise. Please could you just package up a days worth of food for a family of four and just send it down to the south west? Many thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

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